WWE News | MVP Receives Medical Attention After Being Brutally Attacked By Edge On RAW

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 10, 2020
WWE News | MVP Receives Medical Attention After Being Brutally Attacked By Edge On RAW
Welcome to Anfostar_After being brutally attacked by Edge on RAW, MVP received medical attention in this exclusive unaired footage that is below in the tweet.

Last night Edge made his much-ranged return to Raw whereby, in the ring, he confronted MVP who actually suggested him to go back home. Edge emerged out with a massive Spear on MVP. Back in the ring with MVP who said he could lead Edge back to becoming a champion, again, we then saw Edge walking savagely to the ring, Edge confronted MVP. MVP said they are going to make a bunch of money and has a great proposition for him. Meanwhile, Edge took the mic and called out Randy Orton to come out in the ring.

He told Orton to "grow a set" MVP interrupted him saying that what's wrong with you, it looks that you re mentally off and dragonling on the wrong things. MVP asked Edge about his wife's get-well. Suddenly, Edge made a massive Spear on MVP, Randy Orton came from behind and Edge launched his own RKO on Randy Orton, Edge went out of the ring and decided to bring the chairs. Edge got back into the ring with two chairs but Randy Orton fleed from there, leaving MVP in the ring.

MVP tried to hit down Edge but he was driven to another hit down from Edge. MVP was down into the middle of the ring. Edge set out the chair into the middle of the ring and applied an RKO on MVP to the chairs. Edge grabbed the second chair and hit it right to MVP's head as the familiar was done to Edge by Randy Orton, crowd chants "one more time! Edge hit it again on Edge.

After the attack MVP received magical attention as he was stretched out of arena.

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