WWE News | Matt Hardy Possibly Says Goodbye To WWE, Randy Orton Attacks Matt Hardy

Anfostar Team Sat Apr 18, 2020
WWE News | Matt Hardy Possibly Says Goodbye To WWE, Randy Orton Attacks Matt Hardy
Welcome to Anfostar_It seems that Matt Hardy has written off WWE after following his confrontation with Randy Orton. Following the confrontation, Matt Hardy was attacked with RKO uploaded by Randy Orton as he attempted to kick out Randy Orton in a turmoil. After being brutally attacked by Randy Orton, Matt Hardy received medical attention in this exclusive commercial break footage that did not air on USA Network wich showed him under the helpless and the same condition that was done with Edge earlier by Randy Orton.

After suffering the attack Matt Hardy took to twitter to write down a goodby as well as linking them to the latest "Free The Delete" episode on YouTube. Although there has been no official confirmation about his exhibition form WWE. But according to the news, his contract with WWE has gone off.

Below is the full tweet from Matt Hardy

Have a look on the full recap on what happened during confrontation with Randy Orton.

Last week we found that Randy Orton approached to ring to put the explanation about what he did with Edge a few weeks ago but he went without giving any response on the matter. Last week he got another chance to make the right statement but even though he could not explain as he got the distraction from Matt Hardy. Randy Put Matt into the same shape as he put Edge.

Randy Orton entered the ring to explain his reasons for attacking Edge a few weeks ago. He waited outside at the edge of the ring, fans started booing, he entered the ring and asked for the mic. Fans continued to louder their boo, He said he still owes on the explanation on what he did weeks ago, what he hurt Edge, it more than hurt me. He was interrupted by Matt Hardy, he said come on and say, everyone and he wants to know the explanation on Edge's attack. He went on to say about how the four created so much being in WWE.

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