WWE News: Naomi Possibly Stacks Her Chance To Challenge Bayley For Title Match

Anfostar Team Sun Feb 02, 2020
WWE News: Naomi Possibly Stacks Her Chance To Challenge Bayley For Title Match
Welcome to Anfostar_We saw the bunch of returns at Royal Rumble and the one which was made by Naomi who emerged after suffering from an injury. However, she could not steal the many hearts but she returned with a new look which made quite impressive sight to the fans. After making her back she happened to SmackDown while SmackDown Women's champion Bayley was addressing to the onlookers about her impressive victory over Lacey Evans at Royal Ruble.

Let's get the full sight of the instant from past SmackDown

Last week on SmackDown Bayley walked down to the ring, she took the mic and said, There is something about her that can't be talked and can't be touched, at Royal Rumble she defeated Lacey Evans and ruined her dream to win the match fans continued to chant what!! Bayley said she hushed up the hope of her daughter who was sitting in the front seat to watch her mother.

Meanwhile, she was interrupted by Niome who returned at Royal Rumble. Naomi said she is not here to talk trash her. she had never a match with you so and this title needs some glow so let's have a match. Then she was attacked by Baley but could not cause destruction on her Naomi as Naimoe took her beating.

In February 2017, Naomi won the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship at the Elimination Chamber event, becoming the first African-American woman to capture the title. After vacating the title due to injury, Naomi regained the championship two months later at WrestleMania 33.

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