WWE News: Rey Mysterio says Ricochet's moves are 'Flawless, Triple H praises Jessika Carr

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 09, 2019
WWE News: Rey Mysterio says Ricochet's moves are 'Flawless, Triple H praises Jessika Carr
Adequately, it's truly an amazing suspicion when our idols endorse us for something that has been delivered by us. This is why I am gonna dash off some of the inspirational lines that have been streaming on tweeter last few days. It's all about the uprising that only comes from your hard work and the individual praises you who has always been so idol for you. So I am about to lead you some of the motivational lines in one place.

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The first one is of the newly made female referee who has been officiated as a full-time referee in Smackdown. She is the only official female referee ever in WWE history. She is the perfect example for women to rise above the drawbacks. Since she made her debut, everyone is applauding for her.

Let's read out what Triple H has to say about her, he says "A huge night for Jessika and a massive gain for Smackdown. Welcome to Team Blue, incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished and what you represent. The future, we are NXT.

Matt Bloom says "The epitome of one door closing, another one opening. Since Jessika Carr's first day at the WWE PC, her attitude and work ethic made my job easier. Congrats, Jess! You may be Smackdown now but remember...You Are NXT.

Turning to another tweet about Ricochet who has bee a hard of Rey Mysterio. On the latest show, WWE The Bump where Ricochet has screened a clip of Rey Mysterio's praise for him. Rey Mysterio said that I truly believe in my heart that Ricochet took the sport to a completely different level. "I am inspired by watching him work, by how flawless he is with his moves, the perfection that he has in executing, each and every move that he does. Whether is knocked down or he's on the offensive side, it is just flawless.

These are the motivational and inspirational lines of the day

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