WWE News | Rhea Ripley Sends A Strong Message For Charlotte Flair

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 18, 2020
WWE News | Rhea Ripley Sends A Strong Message For Charlotte Flair
Welcome to Anfostar_Rhea Riley vs Charlotte for NXT women's title is on the process to be passed at WrestleMania when they both compete in the ring in front of thousands of fans. Charlotte Flair confessed the challenge from Rhea Ripley when she approached NXT Takeover: Portland reasonably causing the reprisal on Rhea Ripley.

Last night Charlotte Flair again made her presence on Raw where she dragged Rhea Ripley in the talk as it was announced earlier. She headed towards the ring having a mic with herself which she took into use to say that, "So last night she was on NXT Portland, and she pointed at the big screen to show the scene of how she attacked Rhea Ripley."

Charlotte Flair said she went to NXT to know the matter that who is filling the idea in Rhea Ripley's head to come out here to challenge The Queen. She said Rhea Ripley is good at fighting, "You have the AUDACITY to show up on MY show... and hold up the title that I put on the map?!". but the thing to be noticed pride comes before the fall. Lastly, she said Everyone is the next big thing until they're not and left off the ring by dropping the mic on the apron.

Recently, Rhea Ripley took to twitter to Ripley Charlotte Flair reminding her some of the greatest matches which had in WWE and won them. She said: I didn’t scratch, claw, and fall down as many times as you did to gain respect?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’ve made my name from absolutely nothing. I didn’t get my WWE contract handed to me on a golden platter because of my last name!

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