WWE News | Ric Flair Joined Simon Mundie On The Don't Tell Me The Score Podcast

Anfostar Team Thu Feb 06, 2020
WWE News | Ric Flair Joined Simon Mundie On The Don't Tell Me The Score Podcast
Welcome to anfostar_Ric Flair has joined Simon Mundie on the Don't Tell Me The Score Podcast to chat about obsession, WWE UK and more. The news was first revealed by its own account BBC Sounds with a video which concludes Ric Flair revealing that That's right, the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, son of a gun that's telling you, don't miss 'don't tell me the score' with my main man Simon Mundie. ladies learn to love him, girls, he is the best thing that is going today.

The official tells that: His appearance was so flashy, Snoop Dogg said Ric Flair was bling before bling was bling. Wrestling essentially consumed Ric’s life, and he admits that caused some difficulties in his life. Ric was a fitness fanatic, but he also drank every day to excess. He survived a serious plane crash early in his career, but that led the creation of his Nature Boy alter ego. In 2013 his son Reid, a promising wrestler himself died from a drug overdose. And in 2017, Ric was thought to be near death after surgery for multiple organ issues, but he’s a survivor and has made a stunning recovery.

In this episode Ric shares some of the stories from his unbelievable life, including talking for the first time about the final conversation he had with his son Reid before he tragically died. He talks about his daughter Charlotte Flair, now a top WWE wrestler herself, and how he helped hone her competitive spirit. And he shares lessons about hard work, about believing in yourself and forgetting false modesty, and not making some of the mistakes he did.

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