WWE News | Rumors On WrestleMania 36 Postponement This Year Due To Coronavirus

Anfostar Team Thu Mar 12, 2020
WWE News | Rumors On WrestleMania 36 Postponement This Year Due To Coronavirus
Welcome to Anfostar_Can we see, the most influential event of the year going through a postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic?.

The speculations are made that this year's WrestleMania could possibly be getting a cancellation or postponement on the account of coronavirus pandemic. Earlier, we notified, several WWE Superstars putting Coronavirus-relevance for being affected on their works.

Coronavirus has effected several platforms to be postponed due to the world-rage of Coronavirus pandemic. A total number of global cases has surpassed 124,000, including more than 4,600 deadliness. Over 60,000 patients are reported to have recovered.

President Trump also announced Europe travel ban for more than 30 days which could somehow to be effective on WrestleMania date. Recently, WWE SmackDown Superstars Sheamus and Sasha Banks took to Twitter to break out their outcomes and now Braun Strowman has come into the terms on bringing a stern comment on those who use lack of consideration on Coronavirus protection.

Sheamus, who was travelling in the concern of promotional work was also forced to return the United States due to the travel restrictions. "Trip cut short. Flying back Stateside... #TravelBan" Sheamus added on twitter.

While Braun Strowman spoke on people who are not using safety regarding the Coronavirus needs.

Wrote: "It blows my mind with what's going on in the world is the lack of consideration for others people have. Walking through the airport watching and listening to people cough and sneeze without covering there damn face with out a care in the world for others is beyond unexceptionable".

If WerestleMaia could somehow be taking a new date then, it will still make the effect anyways.

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