WWE News: Seth Rollins Accepts The WWE Championship Match At MITB With Drew McIntyre

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 21, 2020
WWE News: Seth Rollins Accepts The WWE Championship Match At MITB With Drew McIntyre
It's official now!! Seth Rollins will challenge Drew McIntyre for WWE championship match at MITB as he accepts the challenge from Drew on the following Money Night Raw.

Earler We kicked the things off with what happened last Monday Night Raw when United States Champion challenged WWE champion, Drew McIntyre. Although he was able to take on Andrade later Seth Rollins was high above the ring to apply two consecutive stomps on Drew McIntyre. Tonight they will be live.

Drew McIntyre kicked the things off as he walked down in the ring. Drew McIntyre took the mic and said Last week "I was left leg and ambushed right here at the middle of the ring. He stomped me not once but twice. He said if he is the champ then de deserve the opportunity at the champ but what if people think that he does not deserve an opportunity at the champ but thought about and I came to the conclusion that Seth Rollins is the most decorated superstars so deserve an opportunity at the champ.

Then he went on to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank. Meanwhile, he was intubated by Zalina Vega, Garza. Zalina said they are bored with Drew McIntyre's speech suddenly we saw Andrade attacking Drew from behind with a running kick but Drew got him under Claymore Kick to take him down. Zalina ordered Garza and Austin to go into the ring for the help but they denied to so. Meanwhile, Drew hit the another Claymore kick.

Seth Rollins was on the camera to respond to the challenge that was laid down by Drew. He said I admire WWE champion Drew McIntyre because he deserves to be so. Not so many know what is the feeling to defeat WWE champion, Brock Lesnar, at the main event. Then he went on to accept the challenge, but not out of respect but out of necessity and duty because WWE needs a leader right now.

Seth Rollins went on to say that "At Money in the Bank, Drew, I'm going to take your title. Not because I want to, but because I have to."

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