WWE News: Simone Johnson's First Interview With Cathy Kelley Since Getting In WWE

Anfostar Team Thu Feb 13, 2020
WWE News: Simone Johnson's First Interview With Cathy Kelley Since Getting In WWE
Welcome to Anfostar_Simone Johnson, daughter of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Dany Garcia, sits down with Cathy Kelley to discuss her love of sports-entertainment and why she’s joining the WWE Performance Center to train to become WWE’s first fourth-generation Superstar.

Simone Johnson is the first-ever fourth-generation WWE Superstar who put the of picking the Wrestling in her career when she was 10 years old. She said she has the love for Wrestling as long as she could remember and now finally, she has got the option to pursue that, Simone Johnson told in a sit-down interview with Cathy Kelley.

She told a specific story who made her wanna become a WWE Superstar and what kind of passion she quested in becoming a Westler. She revealed that It was her Grandmother who got her actually in the Wrestling. She used to put all WWE DVD and we would watch together, so that's the one thing which encouraged me to be in Wrestling.

She further revealed her best moment, she got with her father in WWE, she said WrestleMania XXVII was her best moments when she actually watched her live when he returned to Wrestling. Her great-grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia was the first to be in wresting and then it came Her grandfather, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson, was a trailblazer who was one of the two first African American World Tag Team Champions in WWE's history. Her father, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is the first third-generation wrestler in WWE history, and surely he stands a massive hit in WWE as well as in his family.

She further told that_my father told her always to be authentic to herself and know the importance of connectivity with the audience. She also told that Triple H has always been very supportive to me and that's best things to her.

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