WWE News | Tegan Nox Comments On Her Comeback Final Part

Anfostar Team Sun Feb 16, 2020
WWE News | Tegan Nox Comments On Her Comeback Final Part
Welcome to Anfostar_Recently, WWE published The Comeback story of Tegan Nox which was the 4th comeback from Tegan Nox due to her knee injury which she could not sustain to be standing in the ring. At NXT WarGame she got savagely attacked by her own fried Dakota Kai. Apparently causing the wreck to the familiar-inured knee. Now she is back to bring back the retribution from Dakota Kai when they meet face to face at NXT Takeover: Portland in much-anticipated Street Fight. Tegan Nox is called to be one of the toughest professional wrestlers in NXT.

WWE Performance Center posted the 4th part of her return to NXT which tells the inspirational story, after two years of ups and down, NXT Superstar Tegan Nox returns to the ring, taking on NXT UK’s Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

Tegan looks back on the hardships she experienced while embracing the moment she returns in her hometown. In the post, we got to sight over several NXT Superstars taking their view over Tegan Nox including Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, NXT UK’s Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray and so on.

At the end of the story of her return She said that the next step is taken over, later Wrestlemania. On replying her honour to the video she thanked every on her Wrestling friends who did the training with her on WWE Performance Center.

She took to Twitter and said I’m good until my friends start saying things, then I ball like a child! I love them so much, they’ll never understand how much they mean to me! They’re one of the main reasons I’m still doing this & I’ll never be able to thank them enough!! Thank you @WWEPC for this series!

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