WWE News | WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Returns Live To Raw

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 17, 2020
WWE News | WWE Champion Brock Lesnar Returns Live To Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_*With WrestleMania match on the line, Brock Lesnar will be live on next Monday Night Raw. The biggest event of the year may look a different conclusion then what we thought of earlier. The Beast has always been standing with unbeatable might but two week what went through was more than a bunch of humiliation.

The Beast will be enraged when he steep up into the ring to give a force on what he was forced to bear. With less than two weeks until The Showcase of the Immortals.

The Man with possessing Claymore opened up Monday Night Raw with soon-to-be defending his WWE Title Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania against Drew McIntyre. Two weeks ago Drew came down in the ring when he got to hear the unbearable words, spoken by Paul Heyman. What he did was shocking for the whole WWE Univeral. It took everyone stunned when Drew McIntyre blew-up three consecutive Claymore Kicks on Brock Lesnar.

We also sensed listening Drew McIntyre saying that "Paul worried about it and he should be worried," he knows, "he is about to lose his meal ticket". Lastly, "he said his fight with Erick Rowman, was meant to send a message to Paul Heyman and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar".

Now, Paul Heyman will enforce Brock Lesnar against Drew McIntyre when the encounter gears up on next week on Raw.

The show will take place from WWE Performance Center.

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