WWE News | WWE Sends A Message To Paul Heyman And Brock Lesnar As He Defeats Erick Rowan

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 10, 2020
WWE News | WWE Sends A Message To Paul Heyman And Brock Lesnar As He Defeats Erick Rowan
Welcome to Anfostar_Last night Drew McIntyre walked down to the ring to confront Erick Rowan. Drew destroyed the cage which Erick usually carries with him and presumably its contents, crushing the whole lot with the steel steps in the middle of his bout with Rowan.

After defeating Erick Rowan, Drew McIntyre was backstage where he was asked, whether his fight with Erick was just a message to Erick Roman or a message to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar ahead of their championship match at WrestleMania.

Drew replied dragging Paul Heyman in within that "last week Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar walked down in the ring and Paul tried to let me down". He further said Paul Heyman always tries to say some positive words about his client Brock Lesnar and build up their opponents to be crushed by Brock Lesnar but last week he made three consecutive Claymore Kicks put him down.

He said "Paul worried about it and he should be worried," he knows, "he is about to lose his meal ticket". Lastly, "he said his fight with Erick Rowman, was meant to send a message to Paul Heyman and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar".

We saw Erick Rowan stepped up in the ring who was followed by Drew McIntyre. He headed out to the ring. The bail rang and Drew waited for time to fight, Erick went to his side and he hit the leg right on his jaw, Erick tired to launch Iron Press move but Drew got escaped from it and hit him out of the ring.

Erick grabbed Drew in his arms and made his way to hit Drew through the ring post but he instead got hit by Drew McIntyre, then he grabbed Erick and sent him through the apron with a massive hit on his back he took the cage which was brought by Erick. Drew put it on the way and destructed it with steel stairs. He brought him back in the ring and hit a massive DDT and then a quick Claymore Kick to finish off the thing to win the match.

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