WWE Presents 30 Facts About Sasha Banks

Jitendra Jangir Fri Jul 17, 2020
WWE Presents 30 Facts About Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks has got a lot of spitting nicknames for someone as skilled as she is. But how long can you know the competitors behind the knees here are 30 facts you need to know about Sasha Banks.

Wrestling first caught Sasha's eye when she was 10 years old. She kept notebooks with the results of every wrestling show. She reached out to her first wrestling school at age 12, but was turned away because she was too young when the blueprint turned 18 though. She signed up for a fantasy camp in North, Andover, Massachusetts her family traveled all over to find the right doctors in schools for her brother with a disability finally when she was 16 her family moved to Boston and it was home.

Banks was an avid fan of Eddie Guerrero growing up for gear arrest. Romania 32 was inspired by Latino Heat if you watch closely Sasha appears on the 900 episodes of Raw cheering right behind the commentary Booth presumably yelling. It's Boss Time to Michael Cole throughout the show. Sasha Banks tried out for WWE from June 3rd to June 8 2012 by September 17, She was signed and report to the Florida championship wrestling Sasha's first matching NXT came against paige on December 12, 2012.

Banks first words on WWE programming came in January 2013 clearly ecstatic to start her NXT journey and feels amazing it smells so amazing by September 2013 the bubbly happy go lucky Banks was gone and a new boss was born Sasha aligned herself with some array to form the BFS, which would also later include Charlotte flick the bank statement submission. Hold has been a fixture of the bosses matches and she's made Superstars tap out for more than six years.

She first employed the Finish. Sure on the May 1st, 2014 episode of NXT against Bailey. The standard was the final Superstar revealed during the IIconics introduction of the women's Evolution on the July 13th, 2015 episode of Raw. Thanks was the reigning NXT champion at the time of her debut. She sided with Naomi and Tamina that the form team bad Sasha is a four-time raw Women's Champion holding the title for Katie total dates.

She defeated Charlotte Flair for three of those titles including a win and the epicenter of flare country, Charlotte North Carolina. the boss was the 13th pick in the 2016 brand extension draft heading to Raw where she would continue to make women's wrestling history. Sighs Shane Bayley were the inaugural WWE women's tag team champions in 2019 and recapture the titles in June 2001 Sasha Banks was the first entrant in the first women's Royal Rumble Match lasting more than 54 minutes Banks also competed in WWE's first Ironwoman Max battling Bayley and NXT takeover respect. This was also the first WWE special featuring a women's match close out the show. She competed in the first women's Elimination Chamber match in 2018.

She also battled Charlotte Flair in the first Women's Health in a Cell match 2016. Thanks spaced Alexa Bliss and WWE's first-ever women's match in Abu Dhabi in 2018. Sasha has competed at the last five WrestleMania and WrestleMania kickoff times, but has yet to secure a victory on the grandest stage of them all. She's married to Sarath Ton, also known as Kid Mikaze of up-down. He's also a WWE costume designer.

Sasha Banks' cousin is Snoop Dog. The rap Legend saying Banks to the ring for her WrestleMania debut in 2016 and in 2019 Banks unveiled a new remix version of her theme song by Snoop. Sasha regularly trains with a claim high-flyer amazing Red House Of Glory wrestling school in Queens, New York WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus remains to be one of the blueprints dream the ponies. We got a quick taste of it and boil Rumble 2018. She's a big fan of Kpop music in Korean films.

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