WWE Raw | Aleister Balck Sets To Pick A Bout Against Erick Rowan Tonight On Raw

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 18, 2020
WWE Raw | Aleister Balck Sets To Pick A Bout Against Erick Rowan Tonight On Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_Aleister Balck is set to challenge Erick Rowan on Tonight's Raw. Aleister Black who decided to call out anyone in the Raw locker room. Now he is all about complete to challenge the familiar streaker who will damage the same causes that Aleister Black is going through to make it with continues streak of victories.

The two are best in the ring, Aleister Black has been unstoppable with winning the most match with continues sprit and another side Erick Rowan has gotten the exalted and same spirit of winning the matches. Erick Rowan may make him regret that decision to call out everyone in the locker room: The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion is set to battle The Ominous Man From Amsterdam in a bout on tonight’s Raw.

The clash is more like an explosion which will burst in a loud manner tonight on Raw. In fact, there will be one man standing tall continuing his victory streak and another will break out his first breakthrough after a long time.

Let's see who walks out as champion and will remain as unbeatable for the match.

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