WWE Raw: Aleister Black, Appolo And Rey Mysterio Win Six-Man Tag-Team Match

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 28, 2020
WWE Raw: Aleister Black, Appolo And Rey Mysterio Win Six-Man Tag-Team Match
Earlier We kicked the things off with MVP's VIP Lounge who welcomed Rey Mysterio as the guest for the show. He let Rey sit down and went on to introduce Aleister Black. MVP gave a thank and said him to sit down. He then introduced Appolow Crew as the third participant. MVP asked went near to Rey and asked him a question that what is being a Mr Money IN THe Bank, he turned the mic to Rey but soon lift off his hand apparently not letting him speak.

He then went towards Appolo who hold the mic and went to say but got the instruction from Zalina, Austin, Garza and United States Champion Andrade. She urged all the three to quit their spot at MITB in order to let Andrade, Austin and Garza come in. Rey held the mic and said to have a fight with them. Aleister Black, Appolo and Rey broke off in a brawl with them at the middle of the ring and made them flee from there.

Latter it turned it into a Six-man Tag-Team matchup.

Garza and Aleister Black picked the tag for their team. Aleister with a hold on Garza who tried to escape from it but got to be too hard for him. Zaina continued to start up her instruction from the out of the ring. A Running Shouder to Garza and made the tag with Appolo and Garza also found the way with Austin. Appolo with Suplex on Austin. Tag made and here came Rey Mysterio, Austin took some shots on Rey and let Garza to come in the ring. Rey somehow led the charge and hit both of them with his great athletism at the middle of the ring. Andrade brought the tag but Rey also sent him through the ring rope and prepared for his 619 but got dragged by Austin and Garza. We saw Alister and Appolo teamed up to jump through the rope on them.

Back from the break, Austin looked to be in control taking down Aleister Black. Austin lifts up Aleister on his shoulder and sent him through the turnbuckle. Austin with a Suplex on Aleister. Austin continued to be in the destructive side. Aleister Black was in the trouble as Austin ran the shots. Now they both were replaced with Rey Mysterio and Andrade back into the ring. Rey Mysterio sent Rey through the apron. Rey looked for another move but Andrade would dodge off to make the tag with Garza who sent him out of the ring.

Back from commercial, Rey tried to make the tag with his teammates but Garza would run some shot and let Austin come in. Austin got Rey on his shoulder, face-first Rey went through the apron. Rey somehow found the way to make the tag with Appolow who took his hands-on everyone. A Spine Buster on Garza and A Power Slam on Austin sending them apart. Andrade came for the cover but Appolo too had the back from Rey and Alister. Rey and Aleister took Austin and Graza out of the ring. Suddenly, Andrade with an Elbow on Appolo and went for the cover but kicked out at two and then Appolow Crews would have Powerslam on Andrade to pin him for the win.

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