WWE Raw: Andrade Retains The United States Championship Against Appolo Crews On Raw

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 28, 2020
WWE Raw: Andrade Retains The United States Championship Against Appolo Crews On Raw
Andrad and Zalina were backstage with Charley for the interview but Andrade would have his native language and then walked off from there. We saw Appolo appearing at the same place who explained that how excited he is to be the Mr Money In The Bank, Meanwhile he had the interruption from Andrade who run the shot on Appolo's chest. Appolo with a shot on Andrade. Zalina stopped him and said if You want a chance to go one-on-one with Andrade for the United States Championship then you got it. They walked off from there.

Appolo and Andrade went back and forth taking a hard brawl at the middle of the ring. Andrade caught Appolow and tried to send him through the top rope but Appolo had the cover to send him back. Andrade was still standing on the top of Apollo. Andrade flips back from the ring, Appolo followed him back whereby Andrade sent him through the ring post. He took Appolo back in the ring. Andrade with back hit and then a bunch of hand shots on Appolo. Zalina was outside for the instruction. We saw Andrade prepared for the move but Appolo would instead throw Andrade out of the ring.

They both swept the momentum out of the ring as Andrade connects a face-first to Appolon. Appolo and Andrade were both at the middle of the ring. Andrade walked up in the quest for Dubble Knee but Appolo would save himself from the kick and brought a massive Powerslam for the cover but kicked out at two. Appolo with a Close line on Andrade. Suddenly, Andrade turned and sent Appolo through the turnbuckle and landed Dubble Knee into the turnbuckle, Andrade dragged him for the cover but got the kick out at two. It showed how badly Appolo wanting to have the title.

Andrade with DDT had the cover but Appolo was still able to kick out to set off the shock for Andrade. We saw Somewhere Appolo getting up for Pwerslam on Andrade but could not let him tap out for the win. Andrade with Hammer-Lock DDT and had the cover but he kicked out at two. After the lots of miss covers Andrade would have his move to retain the title.

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