WWE Raw: Baron Corbin Vs. Drew McIntyre Full Recap May 18

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 19, 2020
WWE Raw: Baron Corbin Vs. Drew McIntyre Full Recap May 18
We were back into the with the main event. Drew McIntyre entered the ring to face off Baron Corbin from SmackDown. The mic hit and we welcomed Baron Corbin into the ring.

Baron Corbin walked down into the ring, they both prepared for the fight but suddenly, Bobby Lashley and MVP interrupted them. MVP said he and Bobby have some personal interest in the match. Bobby put Drew McIntyre on the notice. Drew Vs. Baron Corbin continued after the commercial break.

The match kicked off, they both had a tight hold, Drew took him into the turnbuckle, the referee broke them up. Drew with some chop shots on Baron. Drew took Baron out of the ring and followed him back to send him tossing through the barricade with Closeline.

Drew took Baron back into the ring, Drew climbed at the apron to take out Baron but Baron instead would hit Drew apparently sending him out of the ring with a kick. McIntyre tried to battle out of the turnbuckle but Baron took down Drew with a massive Closeline.

Baron was taking the massive damages on Drew. He lifts Drew at the top of the ring post, Corbin held Drew from behind to send him through the ring. He went for the cover but Drew would have an instant kick out. Drew with a Backdrop to slow him down. Now, Drew kept the pressure on.

King Corbin sent Drew right into the turnbuckle and went for the cover but Drew again had an instant kick out at two. Baron went at the top of the ring post, he jumped at Drew but Drew would save himself with a Massive DDT. Drew went to prepare for Claymore kick but Baron ducked out to make Deep Six, Drew once again broke the cover at two and then finally went to upload Claymore Kick to win the match.

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