WWE Raw: Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka Full Recap (Jun 1, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 02, 2020
WWE Raw: Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka Full Recap (Jun 1, 2020)
Charlotte Flair walked to the ring to face off Asuka up next, the was going to get everyone pumped. It was the match we all had been waiting desperately.

All the wrestlers from the crowd were booing over The Queen, some of them also said "You suck". Charlotte Flair shut them up. Charlotte Flair went on to make the point on Asuka that she is a batter example to teach you to bow down to your queen. The mic hit and we welcomed Asuka in the ring.

They both stretched at the ringside, a hand lock from both, Asuka looked for Asuka lock but could not turn it to the right. They had some trash talk. Charlotte Flair with a chop on Asuka's chest, Asuka tried to make her way for the attack but Charlotte Flair with a big right hand and then squashed her into the turnbuckle.

Asuka was in the trouble as she went to damage her left Knee. Asuka with a roll but did not bring any change for Asuka. Charlotte Flair fired up on Asuka also fired back with some shots but Charlotte again sent her away with a kick, Now, Asuka with a kick right to the face of Charlotte to dash her down.

Asuka ran rough on Charlotte. She even went for the cover but could bring the victory, Asuka with Asuka lock, Charlotte with her power to turn the Asuka lock into her own lock, Asuka somehow manages to make herself out of it. Asuka again with the lock, Charlotte FLair back to her feet and led Asuka for Suplex.

Charlotte FLair went for another move but this time Asuka had Armbreaker, Charlotte Flair with her power lift-off Asuka for a Powerbomb at the middle of the ring. She went for the cover but kicked out at two. Asuka pushed herself at the apron, Charlotte Flair with a Big Boot to take her down.

The Mic hit and here came out Nia Jax to bring the distinction for Asuka. The referee went to make all the count to ring the bail with Charlotte Flair as the winner. Nia Jax with a big shot to take down Asuka

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