WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre Vs. Dolph Ziggler Full Match(July 27, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 28, 2020
WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre Vs. Dolph Ziggler Full Match(July 27, 2020)
Drew McIntyre called out Dolph Ziggler so he could choose the stipulation. Drew McIntyre chose Drew McIntyre Vs. Dolph Ziggler In Extreme Rules match. Drew McIntyre with a big right hand just after choosing the stipulation.

Drew McIntyre with Kendo stick, landing rough shots on Dolph Ziggler. Drew McIntyre with Kendo stick into the mouth of Dolph Ziggler. Drew sent Dolph Ziggler back into the ring and went onto collect Chairs into the ring, he also brought a table. Drew with a big chop to Dolph Ziggler right on the chest.

Dolph Ziggler tried to steal the chair, but that was stopped by Drew, as Drew crashed his hand out to grab the chair. Drew settled the table and went to bring Dolph, but Dolph instead with Low Blow as Drew went out for he ring writhing in pain. Dolph Ziggler with Kendo stick and continued to launch rough shots. Dolph drove him into the barricade.

Dolh Ziggler once again with Kendo stick, but this time Drew block his hand and loaded back to back Kendo stick attack. Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler with a knee stick turning the match to his side. Drew McIntyre once again launched Dolph Ziggler through the barricade.

Back from the commercial break, Drew and Dolph walked back into the ring, Drew McIntyre tossed Dolph Ziggler and went on the top of the ring post for the jump. Drew looked for Futur Shocked DDT, but Dolph hit the kick right on his knee. Ziggler on the top of the turnbuckle, Drew with a big right hand to Dolph Ziggler following him on the top of the turnbuckle, Drew with Suplex and looked to have Claymore Kick.

Dolph Ziggler out of nowhere with Zig Zag for the cover but kicked out at two. Dolph Ziggler grabbed Chair in the wake to hit it on Drew, but Drew instead with Claymore Kick driving Dolph Ziggler through the table. He went for the cover to win the match.

Winner : Drew McIntyre, Victory followed by pinfall

Drew McIntyre celebrated his victory raising the title in air, Randy Orton, out of nowhere attacking Drew McIntyre.

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