WWE Raw: Full Recap For Apollo Crews Vs. ALeister Black, Apollo Makes His Raw Debut

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 07, 2020
WWE Raw: Full Recap For Apollo Crews Vs. ALeister Black, Apollo Makes His Raw Debut
Apollo Crews moved to Raw from SmackDown by making his debut fight against Aleister Black, the match was thrilling because of the kind efforts done by Apollo.

Let look the full recap for the match

Aleister Black was up next in the action, he walked out the ring and waited for his next challenge. We saw Appolo in the action against Aleister Black, The bail rang and Aleister caught him in his arms, Appolo broke it turning into a lock, Appolo tied to tie up Aleister, there were no hard-hitting at the halfway of the match, Appolo backed himself out of the ring while Aleister was set down at the middle of the ring.

After the match, Aleister was taking control of Appolo, this was the first time when Aleister Black took the fight for this long time. They both out of the ring whereby Appolo caught Aleister to send him over the head for Backdrop, they came back in the ring. Appolo was firing up in the match by beating Black back and forth. Appolo lit the moment by taking Black again out of the ring. After the break, Appolo had had cover for two counts from Balck.

Appolo with a massive Powerslam on Aleister hooked the leg for the counts, kicked out at two, Appolo with another move for the cover but had the breakout. Aleister was able to inflect Appolo's left leg with his submission move, Appolo blocked the submission by touching the feet to ring rope. Aleister prepares for his finishing move but Appolo still had his Superkick to sent Black tossing through the rope.

It seemed that Appolo would win the match like the way he picked the bout against the person who has been undefeated with his victory sprits. After the break Aleister was up on the turnbuckle to take down kick out Appolo, Black target the attack on Appolo's left injured leg, Appolo could be the bad lineup.

It looked that Appolo had Black's number, Appolo continued to land his moves but Black was always up with Powrslam and Standing Shooting Star on Black but every time Black had kicked out at two. Appolo went on top of the turnbuckle to jump on Black but he was hung by Black's entanglement, Appolo showed another move to through him at the middle of the ring and launched himself on Black but he had kee up, Aleister finally had Blackness to win the match.

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