WWE Raw: Full Recap For Liv Morgan Vs. Asuka Match

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 07, 2020
WWE Raw: Full Recap For Liv Morgan Vs. Asuka Match
It was such incredible victory from Liv Morgan over Natalya at WrestleMania. Last night Liv Morgan walked down the ring to pick her match against Asuka and she did show Asuka for what she is capable of doing. However, she lost the match to Asuka but had a impressive bout for everyone.

We kicked the things off with Asuka the member of The kabuki Warriors. They lost their championship at WrestleMania to Alexa Bliss and Nikki. She was followed by Liv Morgan in the ring for a fight. The Bail rang and we saw Asuka talking trash on Liv, she dragged Liv in the turnbuckle, Liv Morgan tired to dash her down with a roll, Asuka with a hip, attack to take her down, Liv Morgan went on to roll her up but Asuka kicked that off.

Asuka sent Liv through the ring rope and chased her from behind, Liv Morgan attempted to attack Asuka but she instead got Big Boot by Asuka.

After the commercial break, Asuka had Liv in her arms, Asuka with a knee attack on liv and went for the cover but kicked out at two, Asuka for another move but this time Liv Morgan rolled her up, Asuka kicked it at two, Liv now with a Dubble knee and went to cover but had the kick out at two, Asuka came back in the attack with a German Suplex on Liv, and then Spin Kick for the cover, kicked out at two, Liv Morgan was still going to roll her up for the victory but it did not work for her. Asuka finally had Asuka Lock to let Liv tap out and won the match.

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