WWE Raw: Humberto & Aliester Black Vs. Murphy & Austin Full Match, May 25

Jitendra Jangir Tue May 26, 2020
WWE Raw: Humberto & Aliester Black Vs. Murphy & Austin Full Match, May 25
We dug our eyes back into the ring with Seth Rollins, Austin and Murphy in the ring. Last week on Raw Humberto came up to make the save for Aleister Black when Murphy and Austin started blowing Aleister. On May 25 WWE set off Tag-Team Match between Humberto & Aleister Black Vs. Murphy & Austin in which Murphy & Austin were victorious.

The Monday Night messiah with Murphy & Austin made the way to the ring to face off Humberto & Aleister Black. Austin and Humberto kicked off the match, Austin ran some shots and made the tag with Murphy, Humberto with cover and sent Austin and Murphy out of the ring. He went on to make the tag with Alister Black. Alister Black had everything to use.

We seemed for the change of the tags from both the teams, Austin and Aleister made their way in the ring. Alister dominated Austin, Murphy came to make the save but Aleister Black seemed not to be down as he took out both of them. Aleister with a tag to Humberto. Suddenly, we saw Murphy sent Aleister out of the ring as he tried to jump from the top rope, in the ring Austin made his move on Humberto to win the match.

Winner : Murphy & Austin, victory followed by pinfall

Afte the match Seth Rollins instructed both his disciples to take them back into the ring, Austin and Murphy caught Humberto in order to make the same harm as Seth did with Rey, Aleister Black came up with chair to make the save, Seth, hung him there into the ring by saying that if you want to make the save then stay in the ring and throw the chair. Aleister accepted and threw the chair out to make the save. Austin and Murphy released Humberto from the grip and left off the arena.

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