WWE Raw Jan 20, 2020 | US Champion Andrade defeats Rey Mysterio in a Laddder match

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 21, 2020
WWE Raw Jan 20, 2020 | US Champion Andrade defeats Rey Mysterio in a Laddder match
Rey Mysterio had his appearance in the ring at the very first, Andrade approached the ring, the match kicked off with bail, at the hearing of the Rey went down to the ring and brought out Ladder in the ring to kick Andrade with it, Rey went to climb on the ring post to jump on Andrade but Andrade caught him in air and hit him to the barricade with an instant blow, he dragged Rey in the ring, Rey was on the top of the ring post which also brought Andrade behind, Rey grabbed him from behind to throw him on the ladder, Andrade was screaming out of pain.

After the break, we saw Andrade was having on Rey Mysterio, suddenly Rey sent him out of the ring with his move and himself went on the top of the rope to dash down Andrade with one clash and went outside to bring another Ladder. he set down the Ladder to claim his target he went on to clime on the Ladder he almost went up but on the spur of the time, Andrade caught his right ankle to hit him down on the ladder. All was set when Rey Mysterio boosted himself to be in the fight.

Backed from the break, after the break, we saw Andrade had Rey Mysterio on the top of his shoulder but somehow Rey escaped from getting the destruction and hit him to the ringside he went on to climb on the ladder, as he was going to capture the time but at the same time Andrade came behind him and caught him to hit on the ladder but Rey was too smart to make him in the action as he sent him through the Ladder, all was clear for him to have the tile, but when he went up he face the obstacle in the form of Zalina, she blocked him on the way which got a little help for Andrade to grab Rey and then ultimately sent him through the Ladder to win the title.

Winner: Andrade retained his title, victory followed by a pinfall

After the match we saw Andrade tried to do the same what he did with Humberto Few weeks ago, he ultimately set the ground but he was interrupted by a masked man who was standing right behind him, he put off the mask and it was none other then Humberto who ripped down Andrade in order to save Rey Mysterio.

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