WWE Raw Jan 27, 2020 | Andrade retains his United States Championship

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 28, 2020
WWE Raw Jan 27, 2020 | Andrade retains his United States Championship
Andrade made his way up to the ring with Zalina Vega then it came about Humberto to pick his rematch with Andrade for US title. Andrade took the complete dominance on Humberot as he continued to make it up for the hits. Andrade took Humberto out of the ring and hit him through the ring post.

Both the superstars got back in the ring where Humberto pushed his strength by hitting and eventually sending him out of the ring and then himself jumped over the top rope on Andrade which made Andrade lay on the ground after the break we saw Andrade taking on Humberto. He grabbed his both shoulder into a grip handlock, Humberto tried to get back but Andrade instead made it notable to clash him down.

Humberto kicked Andrade and went for the cover but he kicked on the 2 counts. Andrade again continued to make his dominance. Later, Humberto took down Andrade on the ground with a superkick and went on to climb on the top rope of the ring post and jumped on Andrade, the cover was made but it was broken out Zelina and the Referee called out the match with leaving the victory for Humberto but the title was, however, went to Andrade as by the rules.

Humberto took Andrade out of the ring in rage and launched DDT on the exposed concrete to Andrade as the same things Andrade did with him a few weeks ago.

Winner: Humberto, victory followed by Disqualification but Title was retained by Andrade as Humberto won the match by Disqualification

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