WWE Raw Live Results, 13, 2020 | Venue, Recap, Highlights, First-Ever Fist Match, And More

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 14, 2020
WWE Raw Live Results, 13, 2020 | Venue, Recap, Highlights, First-Ever Fist Match, And More
Welcome to Anfostar live results_Tonight takes up plenty of things in its pocket that goes never-ending Tonight's headlines captures The Beast returns to Raw for the second time in 2020, First-ever Fist Fight takes place between AOP Seth Rollins Vs Big Show & Kavin Owens and, Samoa Joe. The Night shows Randy Orton Vs AJ Styles, The Bulgaria Brute takes on Bobby Lashey along with Liv Morgan as his assistant in the match, Aleister Black battles Buddy Murphy for the third time to rock on.

Venue: Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY

Here we go!!

Here you are welcomed on Monday night Raw what way to kick off the show as we saw the Viper headed towards the ring, so matches were on the lines, Randy Orton took the mic to say that he was told to come out of the ring to make you exciting excitingly but He found that he has most exciting styles himself it's my syles then he introduced AJ. Orton told AJ Styles to get his ass out here then AJ came out bu cutting him short he will show everyone why he is the no. 1 favorite for the Royal Rumble Match and might as well hit AJ with the RKO. Aj said he heard form the WWE universe that his RKO was ever battler than yours, then AJ said maybe all he needs is that RKO to throw 29 other men out of the Rumble, including Orton, including WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and including...he was interrupted who said it also includes Drew. He said he's looking at AJ and Orton has an RKO-measuring contest. Drew said his Claymore is bigger bu Drew. Drew went on to say that he also knows who's winning the Rumble and he wants to prove it tonight. Drew Said tonight they have 2 options watch us talk all night, or the 3 of us can shut up and have a Triple Threat right now, then he headed to fight with them.

Triple Threat Match

Drew Mecltylre Vs Randy Orton Vs AJ Styles

Drew made a superkick on AJ Styles, Then The Viper had his move on Drew to send him out of the ring, it was like a snap of the thing, Randy Orton got ready to apply his move but he was disrupted by Anderson by dragging his Legs but got RKO instead, back from the break, AJ had his top on Drew Mecltyre As he was kicking back to back on Drew, Randy got involved in thereby climbing there to pull them on the apron but AJ and Randy got bumped on the apron instead, Drew ready to launch his move got dorp kick by the randy Orton, they all three Got out of the ring where Randy took out Drew with steel ladders and then AJ and Randy meet face to face in the ring, the same which was supposed to happen earlier, instantly, AJ grabbed Randy for DTd but Randy got escaped and launched Styles Clash on AJ and then went for the cover but he kicked out on 2 counts, Randy launched RKO on AJ to pin him down, went for the cover but he was intrupted by Drew Mecltyre who launched his Claymore Kick on Randy Orton to win the match

Winner: Drew mecltyler, victoy followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Richoete Vs Mojo

Winner: Richoete, victoy followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Charlotte Flair Vs Saran Logan

Next, Charlotte Flair had her entrance in the ring as The Street Profits introduced her, Charlotte was in the ring looking for her opponent, then it came out Saran Logan to compete with The Queen who had the fight last week but the fight was called out. what retribution by Charlotte Flair as she had jawbreaker on Saran then she continuously breaking her down, Saran got out of the ring The referee count till 5 but Charlotte went down instead to drag her in the ring they both started fighting outside of the ring, later they both came in the ring and pinned her for the submission move to win the match.

Winner: Charlotte Flair, victoy followed by submission

After the match Charlotte stood tall to celebrate victory but before that, she threw out Logan out of the ring to show that she is going to kick out everyone at Royal Rumble like this, then she went out of the ring.

Still to come Brock laser and First-ever Fist fight

We saw backstage Samoa and Kevin were discussing The rules of Fistfight.

The Beast was the next to enter the ring with Paul Hymne, crowed had to boo on Brock Lesnar, Paul sid you should have a little appreciation for the Champion, then he introduced His client Brock Lesnar but the crowd continued to lounder the boo, on seeing this they both went out of the ring in anger when the crowd did not stop the boo, they ended up at the end of the stage. Where Paul Hyman thought to introduce his client but nothing went ring for them, for the second time they went in the ring and Paul barely introduced Brock Lesnar with another start in the continues louder boo. Heyman said that was not a prediction, it was a spoiler. He says his spoilers show that there is a new streak in WWE, not that old streak, but his new streak of spoilers, which all come to life because they are written by, encouraged by, enabled by, implemented by and executed by Brock Lesnar..he will conquer and dominate, he will prove that anyone who doubts Heyman's spoilers is wrong.

OHH!! did you expect that R-Truth will come out to confront Brock Lesnar, he said HE may be the most favorite to win the Royal Rumble but my childhood inspiration said that never-give-up, he officially declared himself to enter the Royal Rumble, he said he is going to through Paul out of the top rope at Royal Rumble, at this Brock Lesnar started laughing on R-Truth, Paul explained that he is not going to entre the Royal Rumble but his client Brock is in the Royal Rumble, R-Truth said it was my bad, then he said he officially un-declares himself out of the Royal Rumble, on another side Brock Lesnar could not stop his laugh. Truth said Truth doesn't like spoilers. Truth isn't in the Rumble and doesn't want Brock taking him to Sioux Falls City which he speeled out wrong, Paul Hyman corrected it..then R-Truth went to face Brock to say that he has got something for Brock, he started with his usual music, saying what-up, he had a amazing dance on the apron, later Brock clashed R-Truth with his one hand on him, then they went down to go out.

After the match we saw a number of referees were taking R-Truth out of the ring but meanwhile Mojo Attacked on him to claim the 24/7 championship.

Lana and Bobby were the next to enter the ring who had earlier talked backstage where they said that we have new year resolution, the first is that everyone in the area is envious and jealous of our love and the second is that Bobby is going to crush Rusev.

Singles Match

Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley

Bobby took out Resev with a huge spear out of the ring Ruve laid down helpless at the ground, back from the break Bobby continued to grab Rusev and caused a lot destruction on him, Rusev gripped Lashley with the leg but he got himself escaped from there, Bobby took Rusev to hit ring post, Rusev with the big right hand on Bobby, huge suplex from Rusev to beat down Lashley, suddenly bobby had a german suplex on Rusev but that did not cause any effect on Rusev as he stood up with an alarm to beat him down and hit a superkick on Bobby. Rusev got ready to launch his submission move on Bobby but got the destruction from Lana which brought Liv Morgan in the ring where she confronted Lana, they both stared at each other in anger, suddenly took the drink nearby from an onlooker and splashed it on the face of Liv Morgan. at another side, Booby applied huge spear to win the match.

Winner: Bobby Lashley, victory followed by Pinfall

After the match, we had a huge announcement as Lana laid down the challenge between Lana & Bobby Vs Liv & Rusev but Bobby was not ready at all to have this match

Open Challenge from Viking Raiders

The Viking raiders Vs Singh Brothers

Winner: The Viking raiders, victory followed by Pinfall

The official contract took the place_Lawler introduced Becky Lynch as the First to enter for the contract. music hit and she came out in order to sign the contract. Lawler asked Becky Lynch that has she got anything to say Royal Rumble match before he calls out Asuka for the contract, but she did not speak and just took the seat in a quiet manner, Lawler introduced Asuka next. WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors were the next - Asuka with Kairi Sane. Asuka spoke something in Japanese and the crowd said what!! Sane tried to tamper with Becky with her umbrella and Becky grabbed it, after that she got down of the ring, The lawyer asked Asuka to sing the contract which she immediately singed and then Becky Lynch but Asuka suddenly spate her mist in Becky's face. Becky was screaming out of pain as the side of ring post, doctors came out to put out the mist from her eyes, Becky Lynch appealed for the Mic, and said Asuka is the most dangerous woman she's ever faced and she is the only who has scared me all through but if someone goes down with The man then gets the defeated, if she has to go down again to Asuka at the Rumble, she's going down swinging and she swears to God she will take Asuka with her, and then she went ahead medics continues to her back to check her out.

Sigles match

Buddy murphy Vs Aleister Black

Both superstars were at their best peak to kick out, Aleister Black threw Buddy into the barricade and dragged him in the ring to come in the fightback, they were putting their best as they could present by their sides, Buddy murphy went on the top of the ring post and had his suplex on Aleister but that did not affect too much on him and Aleister hit the superkick on Buddy who was sitting on the top post, Buddy hit the barricade out of the ring referee counted till 5 and Buddy was capable of getting in the ring with the time...the match was extremely amazing going on as nobody was ready to get a defeat.

Winner: Aleister Black, victory followed by Pinfall

Sigles match

Erick Rowan Vs Enhancement Talent

Winner: Erick Rowan, victory followed by Pinfall

First-ever Fist Fight

AOP Seth Rollins Vs Big Show & Kavin Owens and, Samoa Joe

The Big Show was the first to come out in the ring but he was suddenly attacked by Seth Rollins coming from behind but that was all too soon as Kevin Owens came out to help him out, Samoa Joe hit blend of sticks on them, Kevin, AOP and, Samoa ended up fighting on the top of the stage where Kevin clashed AOP on the ground. At another side, The Big Show was having on Seth Rollins and he put Seth out of the ring right near to Buddy Murphy who was still there in the silent mood, Seth Rollins sought the help from Buddy Murphy and went into the ring, Big Show hit Seth to lay him down and got ready to put out the punch on Seth but he was attacked by Buddy Murphy who came from behind, Big was nowhere to find the help as AOP settled Samoa and Kevin on the table, Big Show was capable of fighting back, Big Show laid Murphy on the ground and then to Seth Rollins but at the instant, he was attacked by AOP who came to give instant blow on him, The Monday Night Mesiha and Buddy Murphy joined together to give a complete destruction on Big Show and finally they won the match.

Winner: AOP & Seth Rollins

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