WWE Raw Live Results, Jan. 20, 2020 | Venue, Recap, Highlights, US Title Match And More

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 21, 2020
WWE Raw Live Results, Jan. 20, 2020 | Venue, Recap, Highlights, US Title Match And More
Welcome to Anfostar Raw Live Results-The The show takes place in INTRUST BANK ARENA WICHITA, KS, that has conducted three appearances, Rey Mysterio to challenge Andrade once again for the United States Championship, this time in a thrilling Ladder Match where anything goes. The beast to make his return for the third to lit up the Royal Rumble. For another big match, we get to see Rusev & Liv Morgan to battle Bobby Lashley & Lana in Mixed Tag Team Match.

Here we go!!

Royal Rumble go-home episode of Raw was ready to roar in its full length, the show kicked off with the entry from Seth Rollins and AOP along with Buddy Murphy, he took the mic and said he wants you to know something that every single out there has made him everything that he is today and from bottom of my he wats to say thanks to you for all the faith that you have laid in my thanks for everything that you depth in mem, he went on to thanks Buddy Murphy that he has made the history on what he did last Monday Night Raw, he then pointed out at the big screen where we had the eyes on what went through ll Fist Fight, he said now we have reached a crucial time and we gotta decided that what kind of guys you wanna be_he was interrupted by Kevin & Samoa, Kevin said he talks too much, you sid its evey easy to get rid of Big Show but it's not easy to take out him. Then he went on to challenge Seth Rollins but Seth Rollins denied just for a time but he ultimately accepted to have the match he challenged both of them to come on down. Samoa said Seth you are hard on hearing because He said we are not only two but we have got someone to team up with us.

Kevin Owen, Samoa Joe, and The Viking Raiders suddenly struck on Monday Night Mesha and got complete retribution to make them flee from there.

US Title Match

Andrade Vs Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio had his appearance in the ring at the very fist, Andrade approached to the ring, the match kicked off with bail, at the hearing of the Rey went down to the ring and brought out Ladder in the ring to kick Andrade with it, Rey went to climb on the ring post to jump on Andrade but Andrade caught him in air and hit him to the barricade with an instant blow, he dragged Rey in the ring, Rey was on the top of the ring post which also brought Andrade behind, Rey grabbed him from behind to throw him on the ladder, Andrade was screaming out of pain. After the break we saw Andrade was having on Rey Mysterio, suddenly Rey sent him out of the ring with his move and himself went on the top of the rope to dash down Andrade with one clash and went outside to bring another Ladder. he set down the Ladder to claim his target he went on to clime on the Ladder he almost went up but on the spur of the time, Andrade caught his right ankle to hit him down on the ladder. All was set when Rey Mysterio boosted himself to be in the fight

Backed from the break, after the break, we saw Andrade had Rey Mysterio on the top of his shoulder but somehow Rey escaped from getting the destruction and hit him to the ringside he went on to climb on the ladder, as he was going to capture the time but at the same time Andrade came behind him and caught him to hit on the ladder but Rey was too smart to make him in the action as he sent him through the Ladder, all was clear for him to have the tile, but when he went up he face the obstacle in the form of Zalina, she blocked him on the way which got a little help for Andrade to grab Rey and then ultimately sent him through the Ladder to win the title.

Winner: Andrade retained his title, victory followed by pinfall

After the match we saw Andrade tried to do the same what he did with Humberto a Few weeks ago, he ultimately set the ground but he was interrupted by a masked man who was standing right behind him, he put off the mask and it was none other then Humberto who ripped down Andrade in order to save Rey mysterio.

Singles Match

Aliester Black Vs a local talent

Aliester Black was the next to come down in the ring to face, he instantly applied his knee breaker to win the match in the instant.

Winner: Aliester Black, victory followed by pinfall

We were dragged right in the ring with Brock Lesnar as he entered the ring with Paul. Brock was introduced by paul as he does the same, he is having a feeling of conscious because WWE has what Brock Lesnar says on the possible, He said Royal Rumble will be for Brock Lesnar when Brock he knocks down every 30 contractors and become the winner, then winner of the match gets the chance to choose the title match at WrestleMania. He was interrupted by Richoet he said most of the person in the locker room are afraid to face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble. He said he is not the one guy too afraid of you because he does not get that word in his vocabulary. He challenged Brock Lesnar to have a match with him, but Brock did not take it as serious and deemed to get out of the ring, as he was going to go down, Ricochet said that hey! Brock are you afraid of me and this thing brought him back in the ring and he instantly hit Ricochet with a massive kick and that's how he finished off the matter.

Singles Match

Randy Orton Vs Drew Mecltyre

The was going on its way to the full excitement, they were instead fighting outside of the ring then to fight in, The Viper was taking the complete advantage on Drew when he hit Drew to the Barricade. After the break, we saw Drew was measuring The Viper when he was on the top rope. He went on to jump off The Viper but Randy had his eyes on him and instantly made his dropkick on Drew. Both commenced having a fistfight, Orton took Drew to apply DTD and he got it, The Viper went on to have RKO but he was taken to another side by Drew. He tried to have Claymore on Randy but The Viper turned out to have power slam on Drew, he went to cover but he kicked out on 2 counts. Randy Orton was interrupted by The O.C. and they took the match in the disqualification of the match. Randy Orton came with Chair to make them out of the ring, they finally stood tall in the ring when every member of The O.C were out. Randy thought to let it go but did not do it and instead launched RKO on Drew. Drew took the mic to say that he will hit your dame head out of the ring at Royal Rumble, in the breathing way he said he know he has got the RKO and that's what called to the best but he will get to see his Drew Claymore at Royal Rumble when he takes on Randy Orton.

Winner: Randy Orton, victory followed by Submission

Singles Match

The Man Vs Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane had her laugh on Becky Lynch which stirred Becky to kick her out of the ring. Becky went following Kairi Sane who was attacked by Asuka with a stick as the referee was out of sight. After the break, we saw Kairi was having on Becky Lynch with an advantage from Asuka. Kairi was holding Becky in her solid grip, somehow Becky found out the way to have her strength back. She dropped her with a few more kicks. The Man was looking for the submission, Kairi Sane with a wonderfull DTD on Becky Lynch and went for the cover but she kicked out on 2 counts. Finally, Becky Lynch had her submission move to win the match.

Winner: Becky Lynch, victory followed by submission

After the match Becky went on to celebrated but she was attacked by Asuka to make her completely down to the ground. The Referee split them up.

We had a little and beautiful story of Rocky johnson who recently passed away. We got to see how he got success in the history of WWE.

Raw Tag-team Championship Match

Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy Vs The Viking Raiders

Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy were the first to enter the ring then AOP entered the ring to assist them, The Viking Raider made their entrance with an assist from Samoa Joe and Kevin.

Seth Rollins and Erick kicked off the main event, suddenly Seth Rollins tagged with Buddy Murphy and hugged him to explain the strategy. he went face to face with Erick. The Viking Raiders sent Muphy out of the ring. AOP were there to get help. They stood at the edge of the ring where they were taken down by Samoa Joe and Kevin who took them out of the Arena and they got ejected from the Arena. The Match was on its tack, The Viking Raiders were looking more confident and effective, they took down Seth Rollins and Buddy out of the ring and brought Buddy Murphy in the ring and instantly uploaded their move and went for the count but the count was broken by Seth Rollins. The Viking Raider took down Seth Rollins on the ground with their impeccable moves. Ivar was in the ring to have on Buddy Murphy. Ivar tried to make a tag with Eviar but Evar had the disruption from Seth Rollins as he made him fall on the ground, Seth Rollins launched Cubstrom on Evar and another side Buddy Murphy finished off the match with his move to with the match and we got out new Raw-team champions.

Winner: Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy and the new Raw Tag-team champions, victory followed by pinfall

Singles Match

Matt Hardy Vs Erick Rowan

Winner: Erick Rowan, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Chary was backstage with Samoa Joe and Kavin Owens who askes them about their next plane against new Tag-team champions Seth Rollins and Buddy, Kevin said he has nothing in the common but one thing that he has got in the common is Royal Rumble when he wins the Royal Rumble and challenge Seth Rollins, Samoa cut him off by saying that He always stands by his side but if he stands in my way at Royal Rumble then he would try his best to target his shot.

Mixed Tag-team Match

Rusev & Liv Morgan Vs Bobby Lashely & Lana

Both the teams were ready for the redemption, Lana and Bobby Lashley came by the ring to address the audience before their match with Rusev and Liv Morgon, Lana said today they are going to get destruction for Rusev and Liv morgan, after that Rusev and Liv Morgan entered the ring and the match kicked off Liv Morgan went fastly to Lana's side trying get her hand on Lana. Liv Morgan was outside following Lana. Liv Morgan took Lana in the ring to cause her some kicks. Liv Morgan made a tag with Rusev and went to hit back to back kicks on Bobby. Rusev with a big dropkick on Bobby and went for the cover but kicked out with an immediate blow. Rusev was confronted by Lana which brought a little help for Bobby to launch a massive Spear on Rusev to win the match

Winner: Bobby Lashely & Lana, victory followed by pinfall

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