WWE Raw Match Result | Drew Mecltyre defeated AJ Styles and Randy Orton

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 14, 2020
WWE Raw Match Result | Drew Mecltyre defeated AJ Styles and Randy Orton
The Viper headed towards the ring, so matches were on the lines, Randy Orton took the mic to say that he was told to come out of the ring to make you exciting excitingly but He found that he has the most exciting styles himself it's my syles then he introduced AJ.

Orton told AJ Styles to get his ass out here then AJ came out bu cutting him short he will show everyone why he is the no. 1 favorite for the Royal Rumble Match and might as well hit AJ with the RKO.

Aj said he heard from the WWE universe that his RKO was ever battler than yours, then AJ said maybe all he needs is that RKO to throw 29 other men out of the Rumble, including Orton, including WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and including...he was interrupted who said it also includes Drew. He said he's looking at AJ and Orton has an RKO-measuring contest. Drew said his Claymore is bigger bu Drew. Drew went on to say that he also knows who's winning the Rumble and he wants to prove it tonight. Drew Said tonight they have 2 options watch us talk all night, or the 3 of us can shut up and have a Triple Threat right now, then he headed to fight with them.

Drew made a superkick on AJ Styles, Then The Viper had his move on Drew to send him out of the ring, it was like a snap of the thing, Randy Orton got ready to apply his move but he was disrupted by Anderson by dragging his Legs but got RKO instead, back from the break, AJ had his top on Drew Mecltyre As he was kicking back to back on Drew, Randy got involved in thereby climbing there to pull them on the apron but AJ and Randy got bumped on the apron instead, Drew ready to launch his move got dorp kick by the randy Orton, they all three Got out of the ring where Randy took out Drew with steel ladders and then AJ and Randy meet face to face in the ring, the same which was supposed to happen earlier, instantly, AJ grabbed Randy for DTd but Randy got escaped and launched Styles Clash on AJ and then went for the cover but he kicked out on 2 counts, Randy launched RKO on AJ to pin him down, went for the cover but he was intrupted by Drew Mecltyre who launched his Claymore Kick on Randy Orton to win the match

Winner: Drew Mecltyre

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