WWE Raw Match Results , November 18, 2019

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WWE Raw Match Results , November 18, 2019

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From Boston, Massachusetts

On November 18, 2019

The WWE Monday Night Raw was held in Boston, Massachusetts.It was the last Monday night Raw before Survivor Series.

Quick Heading

->Seth Rollins defeated Andrade by Disqualification and retaining his spot as Captain of Team Raw

->Lana brings up a temporary restraining order and divorce paper

->Becky and Charllote attacked by Shayna Baszler and her NXT Team

->Randy Orton gets his tag team partner as "Ricochet"

->Triple H tried to persuade Kavin to join NXT again

->Rey Misterio is coming with his new friend(as a stick)

->All three brand supremacy came forth to have a tussle

Match card and Winners

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together and please welcome "The Man" Becky Lynch. Becky kicks off the Monday Night Raw with a supreme entry as well as other than, as she approached in the ring, Becky called out Baley and Shayna embezzler to come and have a fight with me but instead of them, there was something that was disclosed from the stage. At the hearing of back Lynch's challenge The IIconics came out to pick a challenge and have a fight for the tag team match

Tag Team Match

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. the Iconic Duo (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)

In the support of Becky Lynch as her tag team partner, noted the match. As soon as the match started "The Queen" pinned down The IIconics and that's how she dealt a blow to her opponents, and finished off the match. But wait that's not something where you switches with this match

At the instant formation Shayna Baszler and her NXT team partner emerged out at the ring, way back to the backstage for Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair but when they looked to the ring side and devised the way out to beat them. But they were squashed by NXT woman's meanwhile this thing pissed off Becky Lynch and in the sake of it Becky punched a secretary and that's how it creates the invasion to the upside for the triple threat match for the Survivor Series.

Winner : Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair by Submission

Single Match

Humberto Carrillo vs Karl Anderson

Winner : Humberto Carrillo by pinfall

Bobby Lashley vs No Way Jose

It's been all through a loving road to Bobby Lasley and Lana, it seems that they have wholly engaged in love forgetting the wrestling pertaining but here on this an alarm was served on Raw, as the two-time Intercontinental Champion returned to action against No Way Jose, eventually winning with a vice-like Full Nelson that put The Dominican Dancing Machine to sleep with Lana looking on at ringside. But ex-factor was somewhere else a temporary restraining order and divorce papers on the same day, right revealed by Lana way to screen. While proceeding the way up Rusev was nowhere to glance and both the process goes up kissing each other mid of the ring.

Winner : Bobby Lashley by Referee’s Decision

Single Match for Captain Spot(Raw Team)

Seth Rollins vs Andrad

A fight for one-on-one, Zelena stepped up with Andrade purporting Andrade as the leader and a better to Seth Rollins, there here goes the time for bail, both of them are ready to take out, fighting for the best cause to be claimed.

Zelena tried to distract the way out to Seth Rollins by pinning him out of the rings but that's not how Seth loses up. He threw back Zelena in the ground, Andrade flew to the top of the ring and dashed Seth Rollins as he was unconscious about it Back to the ring, taking out each other, Seth Rollins minded hitting on Andrade, failed to do so, Seth Rollins superkicks Andrade, Andrade back to back suplex city on Seth Rollins, it was like making you bite the nail, crowed cheering up in the favour of Seth Rollins but who the heck have arrived to fail the match?

The Lucha party! Arrived and that's how match ended with no result coming up, Lucha party first crushed Seth and later to Andrade.

Winner : Seth Rollins by Disqualification and retaining his spot as Captain of Team Raw

Single Match

Akira Tozawa vs Buddy Murphy

Winner : Buddy Murphy by Pinfall

Single Match

Alex Malcom vs Erick Rowan

Winner : Erick Rowan by Pinfall

Single Match

Kevin Owens vs Drew McIntyre

No Results

Single Match

Asuka vs Natalya

Winner : Asuka by Pinfall

Raw Tag Team Championship

Randy Orton and Ricochet vs The Viking Raiders

Randy ortan way ahead to the rings getting conscious to his tag team partner against the wwe tag-team champion "Viking Raider, Randy gets his partner as architect but what happened next was like something to make you confused after applying an RKO by Randy ortan The Smackdown brand and later NXT barde Came for tussle and hissed up the match.

It was a preview of all three brands before the survivor series that shows you how interesting and complex gonna be for each and every one meanwhile, Triple was screened addressing to the audiences, he said that NXT is has got kind of supremacy over Smackdown and Raw and this is what gonna come out in Survivor Series and your doors are open so you come down to pick a challenge.

No Results

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