WWE Raw Match announcement Dec. 26,2019 : Becky Lynch to defend Title against Charlotte and Asuka in Steel Cage Match

Anfostar Team Thu Dec 26, 2019
WWE Raw Match announcement Dec. 26,2019 : Becky Lynch to defend Title against Charlotte and Asuka in Steel Cage Match
Welcome to Anfostar_Becky Lynch was looking forward to this wonderful title defense against Asuka as she referred on last Monday Night Raw so to make a concern, WWE has announced a Steel Cage Match triple threat match against Charlotte and Asuka at Madison Square Garden this Thursday which is called the live holiday tour. Heading towards another title match where Andrade challenges Rey Mysterio for the U.S. Title.

A reminder, Check out the recap for what reason has been put through to decide title matches

Triple Threat Steel Cage match for the Women's title

Becky Lynch vs Asuka Vs Charlotte Flair

It's been a few days since she is not worthy to fight she has not been in herself. Last week she was taken for a sit-down interview with Charly Caruso who asked her about how she has been handling the defeat against The Kabuki Warriors.

Lynch said every time her opponent needs me but this opponent she needs Asuka because Asuka is the one person who she hasn't been able to beat and open to now Asuka has had her number but she needs that to change, not for even the company or the title, because she needs to prove something to herself. The interview dismissed.

On Dec.23, 2019, Becky Lynch made the biggest confession by calling out Asuka for a title match against her She challenged Asuka saying that Becky reminds her she's the one woman to defeat The Man fair and square. Asuka went to say in Japanese that she wants to become "Asuka 2 Belts" Becky forced the answer to Asuka to name the time and the place. She then spoke In Japanese in the case to make her understand that, She said let me put it into words you can understand. which was apparently right understood by Asuka then Becky went to the way ahead. Asuka and Sane were on the stage talking about the facts.

As we talk about the connection of the Charlotte Flair against Asuka then it will be worthy to say she is in and will create lots of excitement through the match because she has also been failed to defeat Asuka maybe it's about handicap to TLC match, everywhere she has got defeated by her, so she will look make it in success as well as try to win the title.

Sigles match for the United States Title

Andrade Vs Rey Mysterio

Following Raw’s Gauntlet Match to determine the no. 1 challenger for the United States Championship between Carrillo, Ricochet, Andrade, Matt, and R-Truth where Andrade witnessed an injury to Carrillo as well as winning the match, so now he will be battling against Rey for United States Title

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