WWE Raw Match card for captain spot | Seth and Andrade

Anfostar Team Thu Nov 28, 2019
WWE Raw Match card for captain spot | Seth and Andrade

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Seth Rollins again to stake out his captain spot against Andre for the Survivor Series

All things were set about to pick a thrill at Survivor Series, although Seth Rollins had already been announced to be the captain spot for the Survivor Series.

Just wait you are not done here there is something to disclose which is indeed going to make you curious, and that is Zelina Vega’s Twitter provocation to Seth Rollins, where she tweeted that, "I can't wait to see the team Raw prevail at Survivor Series but why isn't Andrade leading the team?

After the main event in Regensburg, Germany, Seth Rollins delivered a message responding to Zelina Vega's tweet, I like your style and fight then let's pick a fight to name the berth as a Survivor Series Captain. Seth Rollins wagered his berth to clarify "first and first then none other" NXT former champion Andrade is best to ring performers of his generation, so the war for takeover on the captain spot for the Survivor Series will bring something Amazing! Just try to find out who is decent for possession.

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