WWE Raw News: Akira, R-Truth and Santa Claus go after the WWE 24/7 Champion

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 24, 2019
WWE Raw News: Akira, R-Truth and Santa Claus go after the WWE 24/7 Champion
Last Night we saw Akira, R-Truth, and Santa going thorough the WWE 24/7 Championship victory in New York City at Times Square. First Akira then Santa and then again R-Truth.

We saw WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth walking in New York City at Times Square. He had an invitation to his hand which was written in Japanese that he could make out so he in the concern to r He started looking for someone who will him the address. Later he found a man to ask the address, "saying he has an invite to light the Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson Christmas Tree. The man said Truth's invite is written all in Japanese and it's not The Rock's tree, it's the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and it's been lit for weeks now. The person beamed and walked off and started thinking about the invitation meanwhile Akira Tozawa suddenly appears with a referee and rolled Truth up for the pin to win the title. Akira went ahead with 24/7 Title and R-Truth was continued to chasing later in the night.

Later we saw Akira Tozawa running through New York City with the WWE 24/7 Title. He hid behind Christmas trees to protect from R-Truth and The referee and R-Truth came after but Tozawa escaped. Truth and the referee chased after him.

After the long run they finally bumped into a Santa who makes them persuade by saying that I have some gifts for you. He sent R-Truth to the other side and hit Akira with gifts and went for the cover to win the championship. Later R-Truth and Akira caught Satan. R_Truth sent Akira away with a push and Rolled Santa to win the title. The referee said in anger to go home because he has walked through the New York City and it's too cold and he must go home.

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