WWE Raw News | Aleister Black Calls Out AJ Styles Next Week, Tag-Team Match Takes Place

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 25, 2020
WWE Raw News | Aleister Black Calls Out AJ Styles Next Week, Tag-Team Match Takes Place
Welcome to Anfostar_Next week's Raw will drive our attentions on March 2 from The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City. Aleister Black's last night victory over Erick Rowan has proved that he is ready to pick the capable in the locker room despite having been attacked by The O.C when he walking backstage to pick his match with Erick Rowan but he got viciously attacked by The O.C out of nowhere. Even though Aleister Black fought through the math with Erick Rowan and eventually won the match verifying himself to be mighty.

Aleister Balck was a backstage walking lamp, apparently not prepared to pick his fight with Erick because of having attacked by The O.C. earlier at Backstage. They both entered the ring, Aleister Balck was although continued to make his way on victory as he was focused on the victory.

Erick took the shots on Aleister Black by sending him into the barricade back to back and then Powerbomb into the ring post. Erick went into the ring to break down Aleister but was instead taken down by Aleister Black with Aleister Mass to win the match.

After the match Sarah Schreiber was on the ramp to ask Aleister Black on his victory streak. challenged AJ Styles for a singles match for the next week. And said his rage will be AJ Styles' burden next week because they will fight.

Next week we will also get to see Tag-team match between Humberto Carrillo & Rey Mysterio vs Angle Garza & Andrade. Rey Mysterio will be back in the action after he got injured by the hands of Angle Garza. Andrade will also be back after he got suspended following the Wellness Policy.

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