WWE Raw News: Apology falls on deaf ears!!

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 03, 2019
WWE Raw News: Apology falls on deaf ears!!
As we know that Seth was to issue an apology over a matter that he had disrespected Raw Roster earlier. And thus Seth opened up the show coming to the ring. He started his apology dragging the matter from past where he said "last week this time I brought the entire Raw Roster out the ringside, so we can discuss our performance at survivor series" _ and look I will say it plainly and frankly, as I did last week "we all sucked."

Further, he said that it was a little bit too harsh, you guys understand... but I was speaking from a good place, I was speaking from my heart. Because this isn't just my job, it's my life, and the guys and girls in the locker room _they aren't just my colleague, they're also my brothers and sisters_they are my family." This is all about blood struggling and fighting to survive together.

He said "as the head of this family, I feel that this my responsibility to motivate locker room and get the best out of every single superstar in the ring. He admitted saying that I thought about it all week and I would like to apologize..

As causing the foremost to Apology he said to the audience for an apology and later to the entire locker room but specifically to the Kevin Owens. Rollins called Owens to the ring so he can apologize on his face. and Kevin came out. Owens asked "if the fans also smell that. He says it smells like when the rodeo comes to Nashville. You know the animals have a certain smell.

Immediately Owens took the point on AOP. Rollins said he had nothing to do with The AOP. Owens marked he knows you are lying because your lips are moving, and by the way, the smell he was referring to is...... Rollins said I promised you, I swear you I am not lying. The talk was disrupted by the entrance of AOP. They challenged for a tag team match between Aop Vs Kevin and Seth

Owens said one of three things can happen and all three scenarios end with the three of them beating out of me. But I am not falling for that!! But if you guys gonna do it then do it now. Let's get this done. Rollins said I am tried, you do you, I do me_ I am out of here. Seth went out of the ring but Kevin still ready to fight with AOP but they too went out of the ring. Later he called someone to come and have a fight with him and by the time Bobby Lashley accepted the challenge.

After the leaving the ring Seth Rollins was seen making a big statement he said: "everyone's a critic, but not everyone has got the guts to be leader"!!

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