WWE Raw News | Becky Lynch Retains The Title, Shayna Beszler Viciously Attacks Becky Lynch

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 11, 2020
WWE Raw News | Becky Lynch Retains The Title, Shayna Beszler Viciously Attacks Becky Lynch
Welcome to Anfostar_Becky Lynch had her match with Asuka which she defended by defeating Asuka by pinfall but after the match we witnessed Shayna Beszlar attacking The Man from behind and immediately bite her from her neck causing The Man to bleed, she was instantly taken out of the arena by local medicine to treat her.

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The Man entered the ring to have her match with Asuka. Asuka was next to entere the ring, she had the mic in her hands, she spoke but nothing worth understandable as she spoke in Japanese. She entered the ring to face Becky Lynch. The bail rang and they griped each other in their moves. Kairi Sane was outside of the ring. Asuka pushed Becky Lynch on the apron giving a little damage to her. Becky Lynch came back in a more impressive way, she gripped Asuka in her grip and hit her to dash down on the ground. Kairi Sana tried to make the distraction as she climbed on the edge of the apron. She jumped herself out before she could be done by Becky Lynch. Asuka took the advantage in beating down Becky Lynch as she kicked her to send her out of the ring. After the break, we saw Asuka was making the match painfull to The Man, she griped Becky Lynch by her hand, the crowd chanted Becky Lynch.

She got back in the fire by dashing down Asuka while she was in the middle section of the apron. Asuka with a massive ground drop on Becky Lynch and went more the over for the two counts to save herself out. Becky Lynch sent Asuka out of the ring and instead, dashed down Karin Sane who was trying to make the distraction. Asuka hit Becky Lynch from behind as she was focusing on Kairi Sana. Becky back in the fire. The Man hit Asuka to the ring post with a massive hit on her front.

Becky Lynch went on the second rope to jump down Asuka but she had her double Kee to the face and made her unconscious. Asuka went for the cover but Becky kicked out on two counts. The match was going in the right direction as it supposed to go. After the break Asuka was on the top of the ring gripping Becky in her grip she jumped form the rope while Becky was in her grip. She went for the cover but THe Man made it to the two counts. Asuka immediately, caught in the Asuka lock but The Man lift her while she was still in her grip. Both went for the back to back dish armer by rolling up. Becky Lynch finally her move to win the match.

Winner : Becky Lynch, victory followed by pinfall

After the match we saw Shayna Besler came in the ring by attacking The Man from behind, Shayna bites Becky Lynch from behind the neck. Becky Lynch started bleeding as we saw Shayna had the blood in her mouth. The referee isolated Shayna sending her out. Local medician came to treat Becky Lynch.

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