WWE Raw News | Buddy Murphy Helps AOP & Seth Rollins To Win The Fist Fight

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 14, 2020
WWE Raw News | Buddy Murphy Helps AOP & Seth Rollins To Win The Fist Fight
Earlier we witness the match between Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black where Buddy murphy got defeat but he was still sitting near to the barricade in the shock even in the Fist Fight which brought help for Seth Rollins to win the match against Big Show, Kevin Owens and, Samoa Joe.

The Big Show was the first to come out in the ring but he was suddenly attacked by Seth Rollins coming from behind but that was all too soon as Kevin Owens came out to help him out, Samoa Joe hit blend of sticks on them, Kevin, AOP and, Samoa ended up fighting on the top of the stage where Kevin clashed AOP on the ground.

At another side, The Big Show was having on Seth Rollins and he put Seth out of the ring right near to Buddy Murphy who was still there in the silent mood, Seth Rollins sought the help from Buddy Murphy and went into the ring, Big Show hit Seth to lay him down and got ready to put out the punch on Seth but he was attacked by Buddy Murphy who came from behind, Big was nowhere to find the help as AOP settled Samoa and Kevin on the table, Big Show was capable of fighting back, Big Show laid Murphy on the ground and then to Seth Rollins but at the instant, he was attacked by AOP who came to give instant blow on him, The Monday Night Meisha and Buddy Murphy joined together to give a complete destruction on Big Show and finally they won the match.

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