WWE Raw News Dec. 16, 2019, Seth Rollins says AOP enforces my will, if you resist

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 17, 2019
WWE Raw News Dec. 16, 2019, Seth Rollins says AOP enforces my will, if you resist
It was an 'Unprecedented' Monday Night Raw as everyone continued to give a turmoil of each. One of the shocking and action-packed moments was of the Seth Rollins who has been erecting serious announcements for a few days. Last week he joined AOP who stood side by side to him every time and this time they also did something to heat up Raw.

Just read out the full conversation which we have inserted below

The show took an impressive reflection of Seth Rollins of last Monday. He promised to push back. He turned the fiction in fact. the music hit and here came Seth Rollins. He said, "let me introduce the two guys who have chosen to live side by side with me". He came to AOP. He said that Seth is the future and he is visionary of the next decades.

He further went on saying that "He defeated Brock Lasner not once but twice that's I am called to be a leader." Rollins said being a leader isn't about being cool and making the popular decisions, it's about making decisions for the sake of progress.

That's not easy for everyone to understand and Kevin Owens is a perfect example of that, what happened to Owens last week was tragic but he did it to himself. "Owens resisted and became an example," I tell you the truth and that should be done I am the leader you are coming by hook or by crook, he said he will drag us kicking and screaming into 2020 vision.

He will impose his will. If you resist, AOP will enforce my will, Rollins said there's something else he needs to address with everyone tonight. last but not least he said sorry to the Entire Arean in advance for what they are gonna do today, and they went off.

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