WWE Raw News Dec. 23, 2019: AOP strike over Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 24, 2019
WWE Raw News Dec. 23, 2019: AOP strike over Rey Mysterio and  Samoa Joe
Welcome to Anfostar_As we know that Seth said last week that AOP will enforce his will and they did it last night as they witnessed the DQ of the United States Championship match between Seth and Rey. They ended up at the stage taking a kind of plane to send Rey through the Announce table who were opposed by Samoa and caused a destruction on Samoa too by sending him through the announce table.

Let's come down with full recap of the match

Seth Rollins was completely making dominance over Rey Mysterio while AOP was outside standing tall with Seth Rollins as he promised that AOP will enforce his will, Seth Rollins Sent Rey out of the ring near to AOP side, they were watching Rey Mysterio Laying down near to them, Seth Rollins grabbed tightly to Rey but he made it out but not for long time as Rollins grabbed him from the back, fans chanted for Rey which brought him in the action and immediately sent Rollins out of the ring and soon jumped down the ring to hit Rollins to the barricade by rolling him down.

They went back to the ring, Rey went for the DTD by escaping from Seth Rollins, later Seth Rollins launched superkick on him and got ready for the Stomp breaker but somehow escaped out to go for 619 on Seth Rollins and went ready to launch 619 but be was then confronted by AOP which brought the match to Rey's side.

AOP continued to beat down, as the fans chanted have some respect for him but nothing could hear them and they dragged Rey Mysterio to the end stage and cleared out the Commentary box where Samoa was setting who denied to get up from there, he prepared to fight with AOP but got stopped by Seth but it was just a trick from Seth Rollins as he ordered AOP to finish him, soon after accepting the order they sent Samoa Joe through the announce table and that's how Raw went off the air.

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