WWE Raw News: Drew McIntyre Defeats Angel Garza In A Thrilling Way

Jitendra Jangir Tue Apr 21, 2020
WWE Raw News: Drew McIntyre Defeats Angel Garza In A Thrilling Way
Angle Garza got the fantastic opportunity to go up against Drew McIntyre, he walked down in the ring with others from his crew. The mic hit and here came Drew McIntyre in the ring. The bail rang and we saw Drew running rough on Garza although the ring and then sent him from the ring rope. Drew followed him back whereby he sent Garza through the barricade and then tried to make some others but got the destruction from Andrade which led Garza for the advantage.

Drew tried to counter back but had another distraction from Austin. He took Austin with the right kick on his face but Garza came from behind to take out Drew. Garza took Drew into the ring and climbed at the top of the ring rope to have jaw-dropping on Drew. He went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Drew McIntyre countered back to be in the action and hit Garza with a massive knee strick taking him down, he then sent Garza tossing up to the ring rope whereby Garza was joined by his crew, we saw a shocking and first-ever flip from Drew McIntyre to take out everyone.

Drew went near to Zalina to say that "he can do anything". Later he threw United States Champion Andrade off the barricade and then had a massive Claymore on Austin who tried to make some effect on Drew. Drew took Garza back into the ring and launched Claymore Kick to win the match.

Winner : Drew McIntyre(c), victory followed by pinfall

After winning the match Drew went near to commentary box and said them to see another Claymore Kick from him. We saw Drew McIntyre went once again in the ring to have another Claymore Kick to take him down.

Then saw Austin driving through the bottom of the rope in order to bring some help for Garza but Drew would have a quick Claymore kick to take him out too. Austin and Garza escaped from the reach of Drew while Drew followed them at some extent and that's how Monday Night Raw took a well-received applaud.

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