WWE Raw News | Kevin Owens Gets Unloaded On Referee After Controversial Call In Match With The Viper

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 25, 2020
WWE Raw News | Kevin  Owens Gets Unloaded On Referee After Controversial Call In Match With The Viper
Welcome to Anfostar_Following the Controversial Call from Referee during the match between Kein Ownes and Randy Orton which was won by Randy Orton. The Referee turned out to be regarded of Monday Night Mesaia as he was wearing the T-shirt. Kevin Owens took him into action by uploading him through the table.

Let's read the full recap of the match.

Randy Orton entered the ring to pick the challenge from Kevin Ownes, Randy Orton was followed by Kevins Owens. The bail rang and Kevin took Randy into the corner. Randy went out of the ring, Kevin went his back and sent him through the barricade following a Rollins Flip from Kevin Owens.

He took The Viper into the ring. Kevin Owens went on the top of the ring edge whereby he was disrupted by Seth Rollins, AOP and Murphy. Kevin Ownes turned to their side and Randy took the advantage hitting Kevin Owens from behind to dash him down from the ring. After the break, we saw Randy Orton was taking on Kevin Ownes while The Monday Night Messia surrounded the ring.

Kevin Owens hit a massive Superkick on Randy Orton for the pin but he kicked out on two. During the match, we got back up from The Street Profits who took them beating out of the arena. Kevin Owens was continued to hit him up.

Seth Rollins again emerged in the ring which took The Viper into an advantage to hit the Close line on Kevin Owens and then a DDT on Kevin Owens for the pin he went for the cover and the referee counted instant 3. Randy Orton even looked at the referee in shock.

After the match Seth Rollins brought some chairs for Randy Orton to the exactly with Kevin as what he did with Edge first and then to Matt Hardy. Kevin went conscious as he got up with a chair to confront Randy Orton but Randy Orton left the ring deying to do so. Now Kevin brought the referee in the ring and stipped his jersy to let everyone know that he was wearing a T-shirt of Monday Night Messia.

At another side, Seth Rollins claimed that referee has nothing to do with him, but nothing stopped Kevin to launch structure on the referee and then went down to bring Table in the ring and he took more damages on the referee as he sent him through the table.

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