WWE Raw News | Lana Takes Pride In Making Rusev And Liv Famous

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 14, 2020
WWE Raw News | Lana Takes Pride In Making Rusev And Liv Famous
The challenge has already been laid down by Lana when Lana sounded off calling out the challenge against Liv Morgan and Rusev, so all you have to do is find the way to wait up till the next falls, but before that, we have got something for you which will remarkably drive you towards the some of the twitter facts that has recently been stabilized by Lana on twitter.

We have seen the similar facts with Lana since she got to be the Wife of Bobby Lashley and she really being responsible for the whole done-things going on for trend. Recently, Lana replied to one of her critics who tweeted saying that Lana has the absolute worst, the most one-dimensional character I think I’ve ever seen!! Anytime she’s on RAW, it makes me want to gouge my eyes out and rip my ears off. The most bitchy and annoying character in all of WWE thinks of the ground that covers_on replying this tweet she took down to say that_"First off I’m not a character I’m a real-life human being", and it brings me so much joy annoying you & couldn’t be happier with driving you insane.

We had an exclusive line-up on last Monday night Raw in a Singles match between bobby and Rusev where Bobby laid down the waste to Rusev but what happened during the match was kind of different. Amid the match we witness that Rusev got ready to launch his submission move on Bobby but he got the disruption from Lana which brought Liv Morgan in the ring where she confronted Lana, they both stared at each other in anger, suddenly took the drink nearby from an onlooker and splashed it on the face of Liv Morgan. at another side, Booby applied huge spear to win the match.

After the episode is walking in pride to say that she is the one who made Rusev famous when he was with her and it's Liv Morgan who will go famous by the courtesy of mine fame.

Below You can the full tweets from lana

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