WWE Raw News, Lana field for divorce, Triple H tried to persuade Kevin Owens

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 31, 2020
WWE Raw News, Lana field for divorce, Triple H tried to persuade Kevin Owens

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Lana has filed for divorce and a Restraining Order on top of that

Lana, you could call her a shocking lady Lana who shocks you every time when she got herself in the ring with Bobby Lesley, from pregnancy confession to divorcing everything has been so astonishing to us.

According to what she announced on Monday night Raw was and heart breaker to Rusev. Before having Bobby Lashley's match with no way Jose Lana told that "she has field for divorce earlier on Monday and also restraining order against where Rusev is resisted to come within 90 miles of her. Subsequently, Booby vanquished over "no way Jose" and ended up locking their lips as they have been doing it all the way up.

Triple H tried to persuade Kevin Owens to join NXT team again

While undergoing a match between Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre whereby Triple came to interrupt in the midst of an incredible television match no one ready to weapon down. Triple H in the ring, serving Kevin Owens water bottle as he entered. He had also NXT troop behind him, he attempted to lure Kevin Owens to join NXT again and for the sake of it he threw back to the memory line saying that i know you are the smarter then everyone for the some general reason i came for Seth Rollins but you are a different breed, you create your own mould and that's why i brought in the NXT. You have guts to do something greater, you do what you like and what you feel greater that's what i love in you but you were taken by those person who never came forth to help you when you are in trouble.

Subsequently, Kevin Owens spotted at NXT team who are standing outside the ring. Triple H Gave a reference to his NXT team "do you think that they are gonna beat you and your partner will come to preserve you from them_ "no they never make it" because no one gives damn about you and that's the reason you don't belong to that place. So the chance stands for you to come by in. But something went wrong for Triple H and by the instant time Raw team came running to attack NXT. And here conversation finishes off.

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