WWE Raw News | R-Truth Threatens To Eliminate Heyman From The Royal Rumble Match?

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 14, 2020
WWE Raw News | R-Truth Threatens To Eliminate Heyman From The Royal Rumble Match?
R-Truth interrupted Brock Lesnar till this it was alright but what he told ahead was amazing for the entire arena as said that he is going to eliminate Paul Hyman at Royal Rumble, Ya that was too awesome and that's why he thought to declare his entrance for Royal Rumble but soon there was un-declaration from him when he got to know that Paul is not brock is entering the Royal Rumble.

Let's read out what happened there

The Beast entered the ring with Paul Hymne, crowed had to boo on Brock Lesnar, Paul sid you should have a little appreciation for the Champion, then he introduced His client Brock Lesnar but the crowd continued to lounder the boo, on seeing this they both went out of the ring in anger when the crowd did not stop the boo, they ended up at the end of the stage. Where Paul Hyman thought to introduce his client but nothing went ring for them, for the second time they went in the ring and Paul barely introduced Brock Lesnar with another start in the continuous louder boo. Heyman said that was not a prediction, it was a spoiler. He says his spoilers show that there is a new streak in WWE, not that old streak, but his new streak of spoilers, which all come to life because they are written by, encouraged by, enabled by, implemented by and executed by Brock Lesnar..he will conquer and dominate, he will prove that anyone who doubts Heyman's spoilers is wrong.

OHH!! did you expect that R-Truth will come out to confront Brock Lesnar, he said HE may be the most favorite to win the Royal Rumble but my childhood inspiration said that never-give-up, he officially declared himself to enter the Royal Rumble, he said he is going to through Paul out of the top rope at Royal Rumble, at this Brock Lesnar started laughing on R-Truth, Paul explained that he is not going to entre the Royal Rumble but his client Brock is in the Royal Rumble, R-Truth said it was my bad, then he said he officially un-declares himself out of the Royal Rumble, on another side Brock Lesnar could not stop his laugh. Truth said Truth doesn't like spoilers. Truth isn't in the Rumble and doesn't want Brock taking him to Sioux Falls City which he speeled out wrong, Paul Hyman corrected it..then R-Truth went to face Brock to say that he has got something for Brock, he started with his usual music, saying what-up, he had a amazing dance on the apron, later Brock clashed R-Truth with his one hand on him, then After the match we saw a number of referees were taking R-Truth out of the ring but meanwhile Mojo Attacked on him to claim the 24/7 championship.

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