WWE Raw News | Randy Orton Breaks Out Edge's Challenge Next Week On Raw

Anfostar Team Tue Mar 17, 2020
WWE Raw News | Randy Orton Breaks Out Edge's Challenge Next Week On Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_Randy Orton could find himself to be nowhere when Edge Rated-R returned to Raw occur out to be challenger against The Viper but Edge was not deep below the circumstance to predict his match up with Randy Orton at WrestleMania. The Apex Predator will be live next week on Raw to answer back 's challenge.

We listen Edge leading up the offences caused by Randy Orton with him and his wife. He headed towards the ring and said: " The past few it's been a strange month for my wife and his". who put the videos on the line on what happened with him last a few months. He went on to say that 20 years ago he knew Randy Orton. He said the formed RKO destroyed DX. But everything has gone through a change.

Edge said Randy is jealous of me because I Raised on my own and that's the reason when I came back at Royal Rumble after 9 years ago whereby I kicked Randy Out. they're a lot alike but there's one difference - Orton is an entitled brat. Orton is right - he's one of the best ever, but he had all this handed on a silver platter to him. Orton is jealous of him because can't do what Edge can, and that tears Orton apart.

He further said two weeks ago Beth Ponex return to put the medical report on me, actually, she returned to the ring to announce my retirement again but what just came in response from Randy was unprofessional. it's pretty simple now - at WrestleMania 36, if Orton has the guts, then it'll be Edge vs. Orton.

Meanwhile, Edge challenged Randy Orton for the Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36. He went on to say that Edge that this isn't a story Orton writes, Edge will dictate and at WrestleMania, Orton won't stand back up. He smacked the mic to leave off the ring.

Don't you forget about what Edge did to Randy Orton two weeks ago when he returend to revenge.

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