WWE Raw News | Randy orton And AJ Styles Grants A Rematch On Next Week’s Raw

Anfostar Team Thu Jan 09, 2020
WWE Raw News | Randy orton And AJ Styles Grants A Rematch On Next Week’s Raw
The Viper is putting all the destruction on AJ Styles that he could bring about against AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One has totally been baffled of how to react upon the scorching hot rivalry against the Viper. It has been a few months since Rany Orton has watered AJ Styles' next of what he was going to lay upon him but nothing went to succeed for AJ as The Viper became the spoiler to cause him a Championship defeat against Rey Mysterio.

As their rivalry taking no way to get rid of and that's why Orton and Styles have been granted a rematch on next week’s Raw following battle a few weeks ago in which The Viper defeated AJ Styles. Last week AJ Styles also appeared with a kind of resolution to take out the Viper when AJ launched a similar RKO on Akira Tozawa who took a brawl against him. The moment was worth watching how AJ has gotten back with his fighting status.

This thing makes us think that he is bold enough to attempt an RKO of his own turning the situation to the past when Randy Orton fooled AJ into launching RKO with a sudden disguised face. Now The Phenomenal is not backing to beat down the Viper who always tries to make a shortcut on him.

will AJ manage to attempt RKO of his own or The Viper continues to conduct the same damages on AJ?

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