WWE Raw News | Rollins, Murphy & AOP To Battle KO, Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders On Raw

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 08, 2020
WWE Raw News | Rollins, Murphy & AOP To Battle KO, Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders On Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_Once again the high-sticking match has set to fire up it did last week on Raw. This week we will get to see An epic Eight-Man Tag Team Match where Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Murphy with AOP will go against Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders. The match was first reported by Sports Illustrated in an interview with Seth Rollins where he revealed the news.

Last week on Raw, Murphy & AOP took out KO & The Viking Raiders in a hair-erecting six-man tag bout, with a little help from Rollins who had the words of motivation to help AOP win the match. In the match, Kevin Owens almost took down his opponent leaving only Rezar to be eliminated.

We noticed that his squad came up short when Ivar hit himself through the ringside LED. He was left out alone in the ring to face AOP and Buddy Murphy, he delivered his best that he could do. KO received a standing ovation from the WWE Universe after eliminating Murphy and Akam and eventually being pinned by Rezar.

The more we talk about this bout, the more unfold the dates between these tow team which prevails in a Last week's Triple Threat match between Ricochet, Seth Rollins and, Bobby Lashley to get a championship match against Brock Lesnar. Between the match, Buddy Murphy AOP came in the ring to pull down Ricochet form the top rope.

Buddy Murphy and AOP teamed up to cause the distraction on both of them. meanwhile, Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders also entered the ring and took AOP, Buddy Murphy out of the Arena. Eventually went on to win the match by closing down Bobby Lashley.

Now there is no more hiding when all the competitors come face to face in a grueling Eight-man Tag-team match this week on Raw.

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