WWE Raw News | Rusev & Liv Morgan Battle Bobby Lashley & Lana Next Week Raw

Anfostar Team Tue Jan 14, 2020
WWE Raw News | Rusev & Liv Morgan Battle Bobby Lashley & Lana  Next Week Raw
Rusev & Liv Morgan will Battle Bobby Lashley & Lana Next Week Raw as it officially challenged by Lana. Tonight Lana and Bobby enter the ring who had earlier talked backstage where they said that we have new year resolution, the first is that everyone in the area is envious and jealous of our love and the second is that Bobby is going to crush Rusev.

let's read out what happened during the match

At the beginning of the match Bobby took out Resev with a huge spear out of the ring Ruve laid down helpless at the ground, back from the break Bobby continued to grab Rusev and caused a lot destruction on him, Rusev gripped Lashley with the leg but he got himself escaped from there, Bobby took Rusev to hit ring post, Rusev with the big right hand on Bobby, huge suplex from Rusev to beat down Lashley, suddenly bobby had a german suplex on Rusev but that did not cause any effect on Rusev as he stood up with an alarm to beat him down and hit a superkick on Bobby. Rusev got ready to launch his submission move on Bobby but got the destruction from Lana which brought Liv Morgan in the ring where she confronted Lana, they both stared at each other in anger, suddenly took the drink nearby from an onlooker and splashed it on the face of Liv Morgan. at another side, Booby applied huge spear to win the match.

After the match, we had a huge announcement as Lana laid down the challenge between Lana & Bobby Vs Liv & Rusev but Bobby was not ready at all to have this match.

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