WWE Raw News | Seth Rollins Feels Sorry For His Misbehaviour With Red Brand

Anfostar Team Sat Nov 30, 2019
WWE Raw News | Seth Rollins Feels Sorry For His Misbehaviour With Red Brand
A feel of embracement arose in the tongue of Seth Rollins and ensure to apologize for his misdeeds that he has taken last Monday Night Raw where got the touch with Town Hall Meeting, we see the entire RAW roster encircled the ring, Seth Rollins said that I have been a hard fan of Raw and I want to rebuild this with extreme might.

By this he wanted to arise a feeling of moral into Raw roster but that did not fit the weight he said at Survivor Series "you all sucked" he then mentioned Randy Orton a "weak link" and Randy Orton walked away.

Seth Rollins noted Charlotte as leader of Woman's division and then Charlotte also followed Orton's steeps. Then he came down calling Rey Misterio a "Stupid kid" one by one every superstar left the ring to expect Kevin Owens who was called "NXT member by Seth Rollins. However, Kavin Owens used his "Thunder Stunner" at Seth Rollins and left off.

Nothing went under the circumstances for Seth Rollins as he planned to encourage the entire roster. And by this time Seth is regretful to take his words back. Just before 4 hours, he took to tweeter to share that "After a long few days of soul searching, I’ve decided that this coming Monday on RAW I would like to issue an apology to TEAM RED and the WWE Universe. I hope you’ll hear me out.

" Let's see what he has to announce on this Monday Night Raw? we will keep you updated on additional news.

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