WWE Raw News | The Bulgarian Brute Accepts The Challenge From Bobby Lashley

Anfostar Team Thu Jan 09, 2020
WWE Raw News | The Bulgarian Brute Accepts The Challenge From Bobby Lashley
Next week you eye upon The Bulgarian Brute battling against Bobby Lashley and Liv Morgan will be pausing in the favor of Rusev. Now the drama company has wrapped up their show and will take it literally. Last week Lana and Bobby had completely shown up that they have extended their relationship by getting married which means the love triangle has left its place and will bring out the full destruction to keep the promise in the words.

We saw the buzz taking place last week when Lana and Bobby Lashley came out to address the latest formation of their marriage, meanwhile, The Bulgarian Brute appeared on the big screen to lead a message to Lana and Bobby. Rusev presented his congrats to Lana and Bobby on getting married but that was not somehow satisfying to Bobby Lashley as he shut up Lana to call the bluff to Rusev which was taken into the action by Rusev who said that he will be bringing back his Bulgarian Brute appearance against him on last week's Raw.

Later on, backstage Liv Morgan appeared to send a message saying that Lana would be Bobby's side so somebody has got to be with Rusev and that will be Liv Morgan. You say whatever but this love triangle is not ending anymore with bringing the peace.

What happens when two violent men rise to their high separated level. Will Bobby and Lana settle the score with Rusev or The Bulgarian Brute continues to blur the way for them.

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