WWE Raw November 11, 2019 Announcement of Seth Rollins' team mates

Anfostar Team Thu Nov 28, 2019
WWE Raw November 11, 2019 Announcement of Seth Rollins' team mates

Seth Rollins is all set to full his socks up at upcoming survival series from the side of Red-brand (raw), as via data Seth Rollins has been depicted as the member of red-brand ahead of survival series.

Today we will get to see that who will be in Seth's court as being his partner. Tonight on Monday night raw participant will be decided at the end of the show.

Now, The fight begins, Red-brand(Raw) & SmackDown And NXT. all superstars have a golden chance to prove their notability. It goes without saying that Beastslayer team will be interesting enough to pop-up the upcoming survival series.

Stay sticky to us, and never forget to watch Monday night raw, see you there.

Ready to sound off about Raw:- Becky, Bayley and Shayna

No doubt, Becky Lynch is all about an implacable factor in triple threat match to be held ahead of the Survivor Series including NXT Champion Shayna Baszler and Smackdown Champion Bayley.

At today's Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch is going to sound off about her triple threat match on upcoming showdown Survivor Series. One should think, how thrilling it is going to be, as we know last week Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler had a confrontation during a interview with Becky Lynch, where they both called out each other. In which Becky Lynch had an intense challenge to her opponent saying that:- A war with me will change your life as it did rest of them meanwhile, she also had a reference about Bayley(WWE woman's Smackdown Champion) that she is not going to take the eyes off Bayley either but I am coming directly to you, as by the I formation Shayna was also seen backstage challenging Becky Lynch.

Last week Bayley tweeted, where she pointed out Becky and Shayna Baszler and resolved her intentions It seem, they are spoiling for a fight let's see who will be on driving seat and who will be pushed back to the square one

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