WWE Raw Preview, 13, 2020, Venue, Match Card, Start Time, Prediction And More

Anfostar Team Mon Jan 13, 2020
WWE Raw Preview, 13, 2020,  Venue, Match Card, Start Time, Prediction And More
Tonight we have got plenty of thrilling matches that will boost your excitement to the top, all you have to do just take a seat in the front and tune in Raw. Tonight The Beast returns to the Raw for the second time in 2020 to might make the biggest announcement no matter he has got something to announce or not if he comes then he is definitely gonna blow up, however, there has been no one who could stand against Brock Lesnar. Tonight we will eye upon the First-ever Fist Fight that will take place between Seth Rollins & AOP Vs Kavin Owens & Samoa Joe, and Big Show. More like it, The Bulgarian Brute takes on Bobby Lashley. The Viper battles AJ Styles, Aleister Black goes one-on-one with Buddy Murphy.

Venue: Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY

Quick Hits

Tonight The Beast returns to the Raw for the second time in 2020

The First-ever Fist Fight to take place between Seth Rollins & AOP Vs Kavin Owens & Samoa Joe, and Big Show

The Bulgarian Brute takes on Bobby Lashley

The Viper battles AJ Styles.

Aleister Black goes one-on-one with Buddy Murphy


Tonight The Beast returns to the Raw for the second time in 2020

Brock Lesnar has indeed boosted the rivalry for the rest of superstars by making a high-blazing return to WWE Raw as well as for deciding himself make a No. 1 entrance at men's Royal Rumble. It might be as the first WWE Champion to voluntarily enter the Men’s Royal Rumble at No. 1.

The Beast is sticking around to hunt someone down with enforcing power which he has conducted within him. The Beast's appearance will be a relevance close to the secret. It’s a new decade, but Brock Lesnar is still the world with no one to stand against him. The current roster is unlikely to challenge The Beast for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble event.

The one is batter at thinking that the beast is back to stir the entire roster but the one considers that The Beast has got all the more chance to knock them down, one by one just like we think to throw a lame one. Paul Heyman's announcement clears up that his client (Brock Lasner would be taking the No. 1 slot guarantees Lesnar will have to run through the entire roster to get that elusive victory.

Can The beast's appearance make a big reveal as a championship match against some mighty? who knows, if the brock is on the resolution to destroy then anything can settle the way to challenge him.

The First-ever Fist Fight to take place between Seth Rollins & AOP Vs Kavin Owens & Samoa Joe, and Big Show

The first-ever Fist Fight between Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & Big Show Vs Seth Rollins & AOP on this Monday night Raw. Last week The Big Show made his shocking return to WWE teaming up with Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe against Seth Rollins & AOP where The Big Show put his blazing KO Punch on Seth Rollins later Rollins & AOP were disqualified in Six-Man Tag Team action when Seth Rollins hit the Chair on the World’s Largest Athlete Big Show.

While the buzz lay in facts that Seth Rollins is not getting disrupted when Cathy Kelley had the interview with him on the red carpet Saturday at the “Dolittle” premiere Before Seth Rollins & AOP take on Big Show, Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe on Raw in WWE’s first-ever “Fist Fight,”

Seth Rollins said he does not really need to focus on what is the Fist Fight or what is in the Fist Fight, he is the best professional wrestler on the planet and he guesses the best Fist Fighter on the planet, the last he said he and his boys "AOP" will take care of business

The Bulgarian Brute takes on Bobby Lashley

Tonight we will eye upon The Bulgarian Brute battling against Bobby Lashley and Liv Morgan will be pausing in the favor of Rusev. Now the drama company has wrapped up their show and will take it literally. Last week Lana and Bobby had completely shown up that they have extended their relationship by getting married which means the love triangle has left its place and will bring out the full destruction to keep the promise in the words.

We saw the buzz taking place last week when Lana and Bobby Lashley came out to address the latest formation of their marriage, meanwhile, The Bulgarian Brute appeared on the big screen to lead a message to Lana and Bobby. Rusev presented his congrats to Lana and Bobby on getting married but that was not somehow satisfying to Bobby Lashley as he shut up Lana to call the bluff to Rusev which was taken into the action by Rusev who said that he will be bringing back his Bulgarian Brute appearance against him on last week's Raw.

Later on, backstage Liv Morgan appeared to send a message saying that Lana would be Bobby's side so somebody has got to be with Rusev and that will be Liv Morgan. You say whatever but this love triangle is not ending anymore with bringing the peace.

What happens when two violent men rise to their high separated level. Will Bobby and Lana settle the score with Rusev or The Bulgarian Brute continues to blur the way for them.

The Viper battles AJ Styles.

The Viper is putting all the destruction on AJ Styles that he could bring about against AJ Styles. The Phenomenal One has totally been baffled of how to react upon the scorching hot rivalry against the Viper. It has been a few months since Rany Orton has watered AJ Styles' next of what he was going to lay upon him but nothing went to succeed for AJ as The Viper became the spoiler to cause him a Championship defeat against Rey Mysterio.

As their rivalry taking no way to get rid of and that's why Orton and Styles have been granted a rematch on next week’s Raw following battle a few weeks ago in which The Viper defeated AJ Styles. Last week AJ Styles also appeared with a kind of resolution to take out the Viper when AJ launched a similar RKO on Akira Tozawa who took a brawl against him. The moment was worth watching how AJ has gotten back with his fighting status.

This thing makes us think that he is bold enough to attempt an RKO of his own turning the situation to the past when Randy Orton fooled AJ into launching RKO with a sudden disguised face. Now The Phenomenal is not backing to beat down the Viper who always tries to make a shortcut on him.

will AJ manage to attempt RKO of his own or The Viper continues to conduct the same damages on AJ?

Aleister Black goes one-on-one with Buddy Murphy

Get your shoelace to tighten because the highly scorching superstars are going to make an explode on this Monday night Raw. Last week Aleister Black defeated Shelton Benjamin; Buddy Murphy which was set an unsatisfaction in Buddy Murphy's mind who consciously attacked Black at the spur of the time and left a hue as clear as a sign that their business remains unfinished, and the door remains open.

We have seen this past rivalry naming to make no stop as they have posted two matches with their assaulting-coverage to lit up the end of 2019 and have started the new year with more new indications that indicate "Ask, and you shall receive: Black vs. Murphy III"

They will be battling for the third time and none is letting us stand on boringness, sofar two matches have gone down prevailing both superstars and the third one is down now. However Black walked out as the victorious in two past matches but this time Buddy is more with kind of victorious mind

No sympathy!! no causes!! but there will be the only thing and it sure hails the destruction

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